“Photography is not only a depiction of our reality. It is a poetical associative visual language. I decided to start working on male nudes a few years ago because I didn’t like most of the contemporary male nude photography. For me it is too trashy or too sleek.” So I started to do it my way: non-retouched images of real men with a very classic lighting. Non-posed images of men whose sexuality, job or social status is not recognizable on the images.”

Joachim Baldauf

Joachim Baldauf is an amazing German art and fashion photographer. You may not have heard of him, but you will have seen some of his photos online. His art has become iconic on social media sites like twitter and tumblr, but he is rarely credited. What I love about his art is, that it is as he describes. I think his “models” are “poetical”.

Joachim Baldauf

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  1. Beautiful – thanks Seb for cumming this to my attention – and attention it received and brought forth

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