I’ve had anal orgasms while being fucked that have nothing to do with my penis or ejaculating. They happen deep inside my ass and are much more pleasurable than ejaculating. I’ve had them both while being fucked by a man and when using my fucking machine with a big dildo. They feel like they begin in the center of me and then go out in waves of intense pleasure all over. This lasts much longer than the pleasure from ejaculating and is much, much more intense. For me there’s nothing else as wonderful as having this happen.


2 thoughts on “Angel Orgasms While Being Fucked

  1. Yeah , i was in London and cruised a guy at the hôtel a foreigner from Milano ( it was 30 years ago ) he was passive and had an orgasm when i fucked him .. he had not an erection he started spasming and squirming and yelling and than was exausted relaxed .. first time i lived that

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