Let your heart and spirit speak through your hands. There’s a tendency when people have done a tantra massage “course” of some kind for the actions to be mechanical and by rote. By all means use all the techniques it’s possible to learn, but remember that lingam massage is about connection and emotional release, not just about sensation.”


As simple as ABC

Anointing and Awakening : To begin use the very tips of your fingers lightly and slowly to massage his scalp. Gradually bring that touch right down his body to his feet. Use one hand to bring that touch back up to his perineum where you can rest your fingers and vibrate them slightly. Use your other hand to let the oil trickle down gently all over his cock and balls like little raindrops. You cannot use too much oil.

Breathe Blessing : You should encourage him to breathe deeply throughout the ritual, huge big deep breathe alternating to a more relaxed. It is important to breathe in unison with him. Use your hands to rub and warm up his upper legs as you bring your breathe blessing to about 2 inches above his penis. Blow your breathe from his balls slowly up and down the shaft before lingering around the frenelum and then on to the crown.

Cock Cuddles : Put your hand together in the praying position(palm to palm) and place them just above the man’s penis. Rub your hands together to create a deep heat in your hands. Now use this head to cuddle your hands around the man’s cock. In Tantra this is Called Shishna Dedication, and there are 2 basic types. one where you cuddle your hand together around the crown and as far down as your hands can go, and the other where you use one hand one to cuddle the shaft and the other to cuddle his bollocks, as shown below.

DoorKNOB : While holding the man’s cock at the shaft with one hand cup the other around the head and grip gently and turn as if you were turning as door knob

Everlasting Edge : Gradually bring a closed fist down from the head to the shaft and as one hand is about to reach the base come down with the other. Repeat this using different speeds, from really really slow, to rapid. Alternate between a really light touch and a really firmly held fist.

Fingertip FLUSHES : Hold his cock upwards with one hand. Use the fingertips of your other hand as if it was a small paintbrush to colour in the shaft. Flops are like minute quick slaps.

Frenelum re Fresh : Press the base of your each thumb on either side of the frenelum  . Massage in deep small circular motions without actually touching the frenelum

Gentle Greasy Glides : Make your hands nice and greasy. Make them into a praying hand position. Grease his cock in between them. Slowly glide your hands up and down

Helmet Healer : Hold the man’s balls in one hand and his shaft in the other. Squeeze sensually so the helmet protrudes. Say a little prayer out loud, and use your breathe to heal his helmet.

Intense Insight : Use a finger to lightly tap between the man’s eyebrows. In tantra this is seen as the 3rd eye. The frenulum is the 3rd eye of the cock. Use the same finger on the other hand to gently tap there. Both tapings should be to the same beat

Jelq Juicer : Vibrate your thumb and first finger join them together and make an “O” shape around the base. Tighten into an “e” and slowly move up and down the shaft. Use your other hand as in a “juicer” making fresh orange juice.

Kneading Knots : Take the penis in both hands, fingers lightly touching the sides of the shaft. In order to visualize the position, think of yourself kneading flower and butter together. Now flick the penis back and forth between your two hands by holding on to the loose skin of the shaft. Kneading it back and forth in this manner may not seem incredibly thrilling to him at first, but pretty soon, as it builds up momentum, it will drive him crazy.

Lucky Lolly : Cradle his cock between your hands and make a wish, for yourself and for him. Get out of your head and into his penis.

Magick Mushroom : Cup your hand over his cock and let the tips of your fingers gently massage his upper shaft.

Nipple Nurture : With the man’s cock lying flat on his belly use the fingers on one hand to alternate tickling  his nipples while some fingers on your other hand tickle an area just below the frenulum

O is for The Big_O : Gently rest your fingers of one hand just below his frenulum at the same time use the flat of your thumb to circle an “O” around the head of his cock. Use the flat of your other hands to massage circles around his chest.

Palm Pressure Pumps : Place your close fist around the base of the man’s cock and pump. Use the palm of your hand to vibrate the head of his fattening cock

Quick Quack : Use your fist to do 5 or quick quacks up and done the entire cock, as the man would normally masturbate before ejaculate. Then be still for about 15 second and then repeat, and again be still for 14 seconds , gradually working down to a one second gap, then stop

Rainbow Rub : Borrowed from the sexological bodyworkers. Place the tips of your fingers around the head of the man’s cock so that they rest just below his frenulum. Cup your hand around his helmet so that the palm of your hand can slide up and down deeply rubbing into his shaft. Use the palm of your other hand to rub his forehead

Slap the Salami : Sensually cup the man’s ball away from his body so his erection protrudes. Use the tips of the fingers on the other hand to gently slap the salami. Remember that the emphasis here is SENSUAL

Tantric Twists : Use the whole of your hand to twist up and down. Sometimes you your lightest touch ever, and other times use a firm grip.

U is 4 the big-U : While gently stroking the cock with your right hand stretch your left hand over to touch the man’s left foot. Gradually trace a big U from his foot up by his knee, upper leg, side of chest up to the scalp and then down the other side until you reach his right foot, and then trace the U back to the other foot.

Vibrating Verapy : Spread your first two fingers into a V shape and place them below the man’s balls and vibrate the V. At the same time  do the vibrating V on the man’s forehead emanating from the 3rd eye.

Willie Warmer : While maintaining contact with the man using another part of your body, rub your hands furiously together, until they are really hot. Bring your hands onto the man’s cock and continue to rub, up and down

X bi X : With the man’s cock lying flat on his belly use the base of your thumb to firmy massage x by x by x along the central vein starting from just below the fremelum right down to the base.

Yank Yell : While cupping his balls with one hand using the other to quickly yank from base to head. When you remove your hand, rest and breathe deeply for about 10 seconds. Repeat this at least 9 times

Z as in Zen Zational : Hold the shaft as if you were holding a pen upside down. Place an open hand on top of his cock and write, in your best handwriting ZEN. You may proceed to write a secret message.

7 thoughts on “The A-Z of HaPenis

    1. With gentle touches at the start to stimulate especially around the tip, then more sturdier movements. I love lube too. Great invention!

      1. I love sensual massages and slow and relaxing cock massages. Slow and easy for all involved is vital. I adore sexy men and love getting a good cock massage. Strokes upward, and downward just touching the edge of the head with a turning motion of the wrist.

    2. Because I am Cut I like an O made with your index finger and thumb.Now hold fairly tight with lube and rub up and down my shaft keeping near the base of my cock head quite quickly. now continue like that lubricating often until I eventually cum . Once that happens stroke very lightly a few times and stop leaving my cock well alone.

  1. My preferred method is by another’s manhood. I like it cock to cock. I like the weight of another man pressing is wet manhood into mine, while looking into his eyes.

    1. in 2014, I lost my left testicle and because of this my sex drive went down. As a gay man the penis and the balls an important area. I like my manhood massage with baby oil which can give me a little bit of sensation. I would like to find out more!

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