With care, and with loving touches. stroked gently then switching to a nice tight grip. Rubbing my cockhead with a fingertip swirling my precum around the tip. Touching my manhood from my balls all the way up my shaft – every inch stroked and caressed with one hand or two or even three or four. the more touching the better my manhood feels.


Always let the massaged person talk a bit more. I prefer oil. I like my experienced Dakini partners always decide the music. I like my bull balls massaged. It’s never enough – it seems that a Lingam massage always means just that to Dakinis. Even if you say to, they still don’t o it for long and soon move back to massaging my Lingam. The experienced Dakinis I know don’t really like too much talk – I prefer more talk though. My nearby perineum gets touched a lot, which feels very good. I come every time – and what an experience it is during a Lingam massage. I do always get the impression that an Orgasm is the point of it, even though the Dakinis I do it with say it isn’t. They do always stop touching my Lingam once it happens. I can’t yet split Orgasm and Ejaculation either – however the physical convulsing experience is so profound that I can’t feel the Semen actually rushing out from me when during a normal muscular Orgasm I can. Only when I look at the bed-sheets or the Dakinis hands and body etc afterwards do I know that I actually did shoot my sperm!

Tantric Dude

I am looking to explore male massage and make male/male contact more of a regular part of my life and less intimidating. I’d like slow and intimate exploration.


I like my lingam massaged for 45 minutes, light accidental brushes across my penis. Tantalising until I’m ready to explode. Then oiled long slow strokes while gently massaging my balls also.I have actually compiled over 20 different tantric strokes for the lingam and dragon pearls from over 2 years experience of Tantra retreats, massage classes, videos and channeling.


It’s not just about my manhood. It’s about establishing a relationship between the masseur and the receiver. There needs to be an openness to understanding each other and responding generously to needs. If this occurs, then anything can be achieved.


Being in a ring or stretcher. Definitely lubes but not overly. Slow head to base, work on the head, then switch to full stroke slowly. Full on worship style where they want to please and I’m yearning for release.


So how to you like your lingam massage and what is the point of it. Please leave a reply below

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