My fantasy is to fully loose my MMF virginity. I am a 41 year old divorced bi curious man interested in taking/being a male lover. I’ve never been in a gay bar but like the prospects of being able to check out other guys and see what type of guys might approach me without the fears or social repercussions of being found out. Ive had a few limited unfulfilling encounters with men that never made it to completion. And until recently I felt bad and ashamed about these desires after the fact. I don’t know wear my desire for a male lover comes from or what brings it on but from time to time I want it and no longer feel bad after masturbating and pleasuring my self anally thinking about what it would be like. I am ready to go all the way, by this I means intentionally going out to get laid dressing sexy but not slutty or flamboyant. Im in a gay bar where everyone is of similar interests. Finding a man that I find hot and cute, Im not really sure what makes the 1 in a thousand guy stand out, what makes me want his cock why he isn’t just another guy on the street. I can tell if a guy is unattractive or ugly but I don’t know what girls see, what the differences are between ok looking and beautiful. Basically I am just surprised by some stud that walks by and changes my random everyday thoughts to I would so fuck his ass off. Im writing all this hoping someone else of similar thinking and experience is reading feeling the same way who has also not gone all the way.,If you don’t just want a fuck but to share your first strictly gay experience exploring a mutual passionate attraction that leads to hot sex Im the one.

If this sounds like you I hope we meet sometime in a bar where we would introduce ourselves talk for a while have a few laughs a few beers get a buzz on making sexual advances to each other until its obvious there is an attraction. Dance closely together feeling each other close knowing we want more. After a few more drinks we get a cab and decide to go to a motel. As soon as we get in the door I firmly press you against the door kissing you passionately running one hand over your chest undoing your shirt as my other hard rubs your hard cock. As you start undoing my pants I move away, my hand on your chest keeping you at arms length as I reach in my pocket for a condom looking deep into each others eyes as I insist that we have to use protection or stop. You in turn produce a box of condoms, smiling we move closer agreeing to be safe. You rip my t shirt off like an animal which turns me on making me moan oh ya fuck me. Noticing your condoms are flavoured I take one opening it as I slide down your body. Desperately you undo your pants as I giggle saying like this first, fuck my mouth till you cum. You only respond in a moan as your cock flops out of your pants sliding across my check. Kneeling infront of you I put the condom on your fat uncircumcised 5″ cock.

Letting go of your cock I tell you Im gonna try to take it all just go slow and no hands. Your fingers run through my hair as you work your cock across my lips until I finally get you in my mouth. My hands on your hips I encourage small shallow pumping slowly getting deeper until I start to choke I pull away from your cock looking up at you as I say almost I wrap two fingers around your shaft exposing as much as I can take comfortably. I squeeze your ass cheeks really hard and fast making you jump and yell oww. Then I slip 1 finger dry up your ass reassuring you that now you can only go so deep. begging you to fuck my mouth but tell me when your cumming. Which you eagerly do, breathing faster, pumping harder your body tightens as you squeek Im cumming. I feel it throbbing in my mouth as you stop thrusting and let out a satisfied moan I release my grip on that swollen rod, ram another finger dry deep in your ass wiggling my fingers pulling you against my nose and chin as you overfill my mouth and enter my throat I can only take two thrusts into my throat before I start to choke and pull my fingers from your ass. Still looking up into your eyes I see that was enough and that it made you immediately orgasm again. Stumbling back your cock quickly softens as I stand pressing against your sweaty chest check to check giggling as I admit I wasnt sure that I could take it all, but I was glad it worked cause I wanted it to be the best head you ever got, that it felt great in my throat and that it still felt like you were in my throat. Also that it made me so horny seeing you totally spent, not holding back, giving me all of your cock that now I wanted to ride you slow.Snapping the condom off I see your cum drip out of the spent rubber. Smiling as you walk towards the washroom you coo “ya I cum alot” to which I only reply umm. After washing off your soft wet cock you return sitting on the edge of the bed beside me. Exploring my rock hard slender 6″ cock asking for one of my condoms. We lay back you holding both my wrists in one hand you pump my dong with your other hand nibbling my nipples first one then the other. the warmth and softness of my belly makes you stiff again. I struggle against the tightening grip you have on my wrists eager to blow my load I feel precum drip from you. Thrusting rhythmically I also start to get wet and moan you kiss me forcefully on the lips as you ask if I want you to cum on my belly.

Caught up in my own passion I hardly notice you getting wetter ready to spurt another huge load on my belly. Oh yes oh yes oh NO… not yet I insist. Dry off put that condom on I beg, as I stand up in front of you pulling you to a sitting position you comply. Hurry I plead as you put it on. You smile devilishly as I straddle your lap telling me this time I’ll have to do all the work. Reaching down between my legs I position that wide shaft against my ass hole slowly working the head in.Its so wide it hurts at first but as it pops in we both sigh, motionless we just kiss and caress each other for a while. Moving my hips in a circular motion I whisper in your ear “your so wide” leaning your head to one side inviting my kisses on your neck you purr remember your doing all the work this time. Cupping your face in my hands I thouch my lips against yours as I say yes, yes I am as I take you as deep and fast as I can in my ass. My fingers dig into your neck as my ass stretches around your cock. My hole body stiffens as I shout DONT MOVE our lips still touching. Both of us telling each other how hot this is making us until your shaft starts to soften slightly becoming more comfortable inside me. Moving your hands to my hips I start bouncing on your cock which stiffens quickly. Talk dirty to me, tell me all the things that you wanted this night to be, all the ways you wanted to fuck all the ways you wanted to get fucked as I ride you and this time i’ll tell you when I feel you cumming. Thats all for now, but trust me there is more to the story, maybe if you meet a guy in a bar sometime that says its his first time you might get to know the rest Thomas

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