WOW! I thought I was the only one who enjoyed dragging soft fur pieces over the most sensitive parts of my body till it feels so good I almost cannot stand it? (GRIN) I live on a rural 40 acres about a 3 hour drive north of San Francisco, and would love to get with someone who would like to get tied up and fur and feather tickled all over till you get goose-bumps and a raging hard-on, then I would slowly drag the long mink stole lightly back and forth on the sensitive underside of your cock till it bobs up and down with uncontrollable pleasure…

Damn, I’m surprised a fur fetish is so rare! I can’t even find much in Google porn pics, not really any fetish toys garments! I found a fur-lined jockstrap, I’m definitely about to order. I didn’t realize what I was doing, making a small swing on my bunk bed, strattling it and pulling the ends so it lifted me by my crotch. The first time I masturbated, I’d started shoving a fur blanket down my pants, eventually ended with no clothes on, tangled in my fur blanket. I’ve slept wrapped in a fur blanket since…maybe a year before that. Haha I’m 22, now, I’d really love nothing more than to be bound in fur and edged with fur. Even if they made a fur dildo, I’d love to feel devoured by fur. Rouvous Furman

Hi Everyone, I’m a guy from Hungary (Europe). I love every kind of furs especially long haired types (fox, lynx, coyote etc.) Have bought many fur coats for my wife. I love the way she’s wearing those beautiful coats. It turns me on all the times. I know many furriers in the country and I can help anyone to get their fur dreams come true. Real furs are cheaper in Hungary and I can send anything from here to you. For example my red fox (king sized) bed spread was about $1.390. I’m a lucky guy and you may be too…


I have loved furs. i thought i was the only man who has a male fur fetish. i am 22 and just got my first one off of ebay and i love it i wear it everywhere and i will always love it it is a big turn on when i see men wearing fur my fantasy is to have a brojob with fur on. Frogystyle :

When I saw the picture of his cock on the fur fatastic all my life I have been in love with furs all types .I have always wanted some one to talk to who like furs Im 68 this year I sleep in faux fur every night wear fur jocks that I make hand stitch will find a way to wear fur any time I can I also have a very large Prince Albert now 10 mm always wear a steel cock ring if any one wants to E Mail me about fur I will anser I do like to rub another mans cock & balls with fur this is fantastic love to all fur can be a good pal. Brian

“I am more turned on by FUR than anything in the world….men in furs even more….being stroked very lightly and teased/tormented with all kinds of furs by a sensitive man who loves to give pleasure would be heaven on earth to me. To experience intimacy through furs at the hands of someone like Seb Cox would be a dream come true. A true emotional connection through touch…especially the touch of soft sensual furs”.


When I was baptized my Godmother wore a dark minkstole. After that whenever I went to her house I asked to see the fur. That fur must have been borrowed because I did get to touch her fox stole. It was very soft, but it didn’t stay out very long. My aunt knew I would never want to give it up. I love to buy fur, wear fur, get naked in fur. Thank God for the internet. I like many had a lot of guilt before this great invention of communication. Now I feel a lot more normal. Great pic of the cock and the fox coat.

Tho I am Str8, do not get me wrong I am not prejudiced or judgemental of anyone or their lifestyle.  I started self-pleasuring with Furs until I was 18yrs old. I like Rabbit furs, but I know they are the cheapest fur to obtain.  I would love to try other Soft Furs like Sable, Chinchilla, etc.


47 thoughts on “Male Fur Fetish

  1. 64 year old gay living in Vermont. Loved fur all my life. Nothing is better then two men covered in fur. Anyone want to join?

  2. Like many of the comments I have had a fur fetish since my first JO in my mothers fru closet, ha!Am general contractor 2hrs North of San Fransisco, CA ! Would love to contact someone to share fetish, possibly correspond . Is guy 3 hrs North of SF possible to contact?

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