Well I would like to have more than my manhood massaged! I like a full sensual experience building up over an hour or so. I like to be lying face down to start on a mattress built up with pillows down the centre with an electric blanket and covered in cotton sheets. I will have showered and cleaned up ready to be stroked with a feather duster. My body’s is then caressed with dry hands, I’m rimmed & then warm oil is dribbled in to my butt crack and over the rest of me. A soothing but firm massage follows leading to perineum & prostate massage. Turning over I finally get my dick massage and have oral and penetrate sex. After coming I’m covered in a warm cotton sheet and left to relax.

Masculine Kindness

2 thoughts on “I finally get my dick massage

  1. I love this site but I’m a dad bod and average cock. I love cock but is it all about gym guys

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