A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology seems to suggest that smelling another man’s armpit can cure depression and decrease stress. “Many people wear their partner’s shirt or sleep on their partner’s side of the bed when their partner is away, but may not realize why they engage in these behaviors. Our findings suggest that a partner’s scent alone, even without their physical presence, can be a powerful tool to help reduce stress.” said Marlise Hofer, the study’s lead author. For the study, investigators recruited 96 couples. Men were given a clean T-shirt to wear for a 24-hour period. They were also told not to wear deodorant or any scented body products. Finally, participants were informed that smoking, and eating certain foods could affect their scent. After the 24-hour period, the T-shirts were then frozen to preserve their man-scent. The female participants were randomly assigned to sniff a T-shirt that was either unworn, or had been worn by their partner or a stranger. They were not informed which one they had been given. As part of the experiment, the women underwent a stress test that involved a pretend job interview and a mental math task. They also answered questions about their stress levels and provided saliva samples used to measure cortisol levels. The researchers asked women to act as the sniffers because they tend to have a better sense of smell than guys. They discovered that women who had sniffed their partner’s shirt felt less stressed both before and after the stress test. Persons who both sniffed their partner’s shirt and also correctly identified the scent also had lower levels of cortisol. This suggests that the stress-reducing benefits of a partner’s man-scent are strongest when the person knows what they are smelling. The researchers suggest that evolutionary factors could influence why the stranger’s scent affected cortisol levels. “From a young age, humans fear strangers, especially strange males, so it is possible that a strange male scent triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response that leads to elevated cortisol,” said Hofer. “This could happen without us being fully aware of it.” 

I Totally agree with man-scent being a very erotic cure for loneliness & depression. I absolutely HATE men who use deodorant other than when absolutely necessary in public. I discovered I am highly allergic to deodorant & antiperspirants so I stopped using them. I do offend some but who cares I like my own scent but I also like other men who allow their own body fragrance to come out & are comfortable with that. Threw these experiences, I found a man who has no scent I find disturbing so I tend to not want to be near them, I know that sounds a bit crazy but s cent is everything & tells a lot about who they are & their health. Even a mans ass scent is preferable to any man made fragrances. I like Body hair & scent on a man. A man should smell like a man regardless of societies sensibilities meaning aftershave ??? FORGET IT & DITCH IT lol


I’m a pit diver. The scent of a man’s armpits is intoxicating to me and I can just lay with my face in his armpit and draw it in, and kiss and lick it for several minutes if he allows me. Afterwards I can still smell his scent in my beard.

Just like you, I get very aroused from smelling myself. I also don’t use deodorant or antiperspirant, unless I’m going to some greater social function. I develop scent after less than one day, even from sedentary living. When it’s a day old, the scent is very potent. I love the smell, but others might not because there is just too much stigma surrounding it. I usually bring this up before going on dates with new guys. The androsexual community has a lot of pit divers, and requesting the guy not to use deodorant is very common and not weird at all. Before meeting I shower, but I don’t wash my pits with shower gel, only water and all natural soap, with some kind of rustic scent like pine or tar. Instead of deodorant, sometimes I rub in just a tiny drop of pine/amber scented beard oil into my pit hair. Very popular with the guys, and has even converted a few who never thought they’d be into it.

The armpits secrete a man’s natural perfume. There is an article on this site covering how smelling each other’s sweat makes men more calm and cooperative. I can vouch for this… as it certainly makes me very cooperative, and even submissive.


7 thoughts on “smelling another man’s armpit can cure depression

  1. 💯 true. I’d be a billionaire if I could bottle my pit smell. It’s so strong and full of pheromones.. might be all the Scottish oats I eat? Great post and topic. My jockstrap is loaded with the best smells after a workout, fresh sweat, piss and some pre cum.. anyone else workout in unwashed jockstraps?

  2. I am one who doesn’t like cologne or deodorant on a man. I think men are at their sexiest when they have had some time to develop some manly scents in their pits(which I love to lick), and yes, even their crotch scents can really turn me on. I didn’t discover the pleasure of sniffing and licking a hot man’s armpit until I was in my late 30s. I try to dig my tongue in to any armpit that I can. The only thing I hate about having an armpit fetish is being really turned on by a man and dig my tongue into his pit to find it has had deodorant applied, fresh man sweat smells and tastes amazingly good, while deodorant doesn’t smell or taste good, at all. Please do us pit lovers a favor and stop using cologne and deodorant. Practising good hygiene will allow you to not stink and just may turn your partner on. I’VE NEVER been turned off by a man’s natural scent. Also, don’t shave your pit hair, it’s sexy!

    1. Totally agree. I love my partners armpits first thing in the morning, before he showers.

  3. The information you provide explains why over the years my partners have often told me they “love the way I smell. I tend to have very strong body scent, the kind that sniffing my own arm pitt g ive me reason to chuckle as I turn quickly tun away. My ball’s sack deffinitely leaves a scent in underwear, figuring out.worn from unworn skivvies is not a problem. I think the reason for that calming stress relieving factor is due to the nasal shock followed by some hormonal response, Great article

  4. I absolutely love all man smells , but prefer the smell of their cock , I love giving a good sniff to an uncut cock that has been inside the underwear all day .. the scent of sweat ,piss and cock all together drives me wild , I also love sucking it specially if it have some cheese under the 4skin .. it’s heaven !

    1. I love all sorts of man smells Carlos. Pits,cock, sweaty balls, hole. Sometimes even unwashed.

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