The problem is that homosexuality and effeminacy are virtually synonymous in the modern public’s mind. All men who love men are stigmatized as being intrinsically effeminate. Men who engage in homosexual sex are expected to embrace gay culture and are believed, especially by other homosexuals, to be ‘girls on the inside’—no matter how they look and behave, or what their interests may be. As I mentioned above, a sense of manhood is important to most men. Yet, simply by acknowledging same-sex desire, men are expected to relinquish their manhood. They must submit to psychological castration. While this may seem like no great loss to effeminate men who never put much stock in manhood, what of those who do hold masculinity in high regard? What of those androphiles who love men and love being men, for whom masculinity is a thing of beauty and value? I don’t love men because I see myself as girlish; I love men because I’ve developed a deep-seated appreciation for men and for masculinity itself. Men fascinate and inspire me. I love them in their finest moments, but also in the midst of struggle. Just watching men is a pleasure; I see in them innumerable qualities that women often fail to appreciate. I appreciate these things precisely because I am a man, because their masculinity is a reflection of my own. And yet, for this, in some perverse twist of reason, I must give up my own manhood? For this, I am regarded as effeminate and expected to entertain myself with girly things? Fuck that.

Jack Donovan

I feel the same way. I love real men, masculine men. I grew up in a rural area, filled with hard working, blue collar guys. These men are the men that made realize I was gay. As a teen, my first same sex fantasies were about the construction workers that I saw going to work each morning, as I was off to school. I remember one of those guys named Mike, he used to get me so hard. He used to work with just shorts on, in the summer heat, tanned and blonde. I loved watching the sweat dripping of of him while he worked. He would always smile at me when I walked by. I would smile back! I found out, years later, that he was gay. I wish I had known at the time! I really like this piece, Jack Donovan!


Men being together, working, sweating, having sex together, in whatever number, is the epitome of masculinity. Doesn’t matter if a man getting fucked is whimpering and begging for more dick, it’s the height of maleness. Masculinity is my “raison d’être”, reason for existence. If there weren’t men and masculinity, cock, balls, fur, sweat, hairy pits, muscles, man ass, sucking & fucking, I’d rather just skip to the next chapter!



  1. Thank you for all your amazing thoughts and insights. I’m so glad this movement is now so well established. I’ve been naturally masculine for as long as I can remember, and I wasted too many years of my youth feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. The media and the gay community (queens) has spun a tangled web of lies for decades, and for the longest time I even thought I was str8 because of it. ”I just haven’t found the right girl. I can’t be gay because I’m nothing like those queens on TV or in the papers.” I felt alone for ages. Then I found a few websites that dealt with this subject. And there you all were, my masculine brothers. Like an underground movement, within a petty, shallow one. That’s when I finally could come out to myself. Finally, I felt like a real man instead of a boy in a man’s body. I started loving myself and embracing all my manly attributes, and those of other men. I’ve been blessed with these furry naturally muscular legs, and musky, hairy ass, and big cock. My armpits have this amazing manly scent, and smelling it makes me rock hard every time. It’s nature’s own primordial perfume.

    But taking back your manhood, and thereby being an apostate from the gay doctrine had its price. During the early 2000s, I’ve was ridiculed, chided and emasculated by effeminate queens. I’ve been called a self loathing, closet queen traitor more times than I can count.
    But nowdays our movement has grown strong. Now the queens are begging us to let them in out of the freezing cold that they themselves have created. They aren’t even attracted to each other but we’re suppesed to act the part, and become the manly hunk of their dreams, while they have nothing to offer us.
    But I have nothing for them. I’m now in a warm place, in a sea of manly, hairy, musky, hard bodies, enveloped by countless strong arms and legs. All over my body I feel throbbing, hot, slippry cocks.
    I’m home, basking in all of your testosterone, and adding my own to the pool.
    My amazing masc brothers. Thank you for everything that you are.

    1. Ben i Loved your comment and share it !
      My beginning with emotional involvment was at 20 and emotionally devastating ( my girlfrind quit me for him , he quit her for me ! ) after it has been with a guy and his group all nice lovely queens to be .. after 6 months the relation stopped , i moved another place entered in real life had sex with M/W
      And lived my life out of the gay ghetto. I was uneasy with ´em
      I got some gay acquiantances years later BUT As you said we are trahitors and they are only gay oriented mind and life , and this is not for me .. i have a family Real life friends , and as all men in the world , when i need something different from the usual , some men go with hookes some go in saunas .. and we remain whatever we do in sex … masculine
      All is in mind and self respect
      take care theo

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