Men being together, working, sweating, having sex together, in whatever number, is the epitome of masculinity. Doesn’t matter if a man getting fucked is whimpering and begging for more dick, it’s the height of maleness. Masculinity is my “raison d’être”, reason for existence. If there weren’t men and masculinity, cock, balls, fur, sweat, hairy pits, muscles, man ass, sucking & fucking, I’d rather just skip to the next chapter!


I feel the same way. I love real men, masculine men. I grew up in a rural area, filled with hard working, blue collar guys. These men are the men that made realize I was gay. As a teen, my first same sex fantasies were about the construction workers that I saw going to work each morning, as I was off to school. I remember one of those guys named Mike, he used to get me so hard. He used to work with just shorts on, in the summer heat, tanned and blonde. I loved watching the sweat dripping of of him while he worked. He would always smile at me when I walked by. I would smile back! I found out, years later, that he was gay. I wish I had known at the time! I really like this piece,



  1. If I wanted to mess around with an effeminate man I’d go for a woman. The stereotypical gay man is a huge turn off for me. I like men to be men. The whole skipping around squealing over Kylie Minogue and making OTT hand gestures- bleuggh. Give me some big hairy fucker to get down with and to talk to. Much more interesting people.

  2. To me, Men are great to have sex with because they are simple. Pits, musk, gonads, cum, piss, thick hands, thick arses, rugby jockstraps, rimming, sports, nipple play and a cold beer. Lots of “ gay” guys are turned off by these things perhaps they are squeamish about the perfume of a manly man and the directness of man on man sex. It Took me years to settle into the weight of my manliness, my thickness of spirit and beef. Fear not gentlemen, live label free and swing whatever way your cock enjoys. Thank you Mr Cox for a great site.
    I sidestep the gay label and refer to myself as “mansexual”

    1. Yeah, I agree with you Mike. The whole camp effeminate thing is just alien to me. And the ultimate turn off.

  3. What about preppy guys like me who’s not necessarily masculine, but not feminine either. I love real men and everything their bodies and masculinity offers, but most big hairy men (I assume) aren’t attracted to me because I’m a smooth preppy guy. Yes, I can decorate a house but no clue how to cook, or sew (sp) etc, and have no desire to learn. However, gay people don’t really like me because I don’t gossip, hate, hate being called girl because I have a real cock. I’ve never wanted to be a woman and have never dressed like one, but I’m not as masculine as a truck driver or construction worker etc.
    Although, I’m more passive in bed but in no way in public. Look, I’m not trying to insult feminine men, transsexuals or anyone who identifies more as a female, but I don’t. Being totally honest I don’t truly understand transsexuals or drag queens because I’m attracted to men.
    I truly only have one gay friend and I am 47 years old but I do get along better with women than men simply (I assume) because I’m gay.
    Being gay has never been a real problem for me until my only living parent was diagnosed with alzheimers (only child here) and I grew up in a rural area. Although, I could have had my dad transferred to the major city I live I didn’t because I felt like he’d be much better off in his own community. Making the decision to leave my dad in this small town I’ve been confronted with my sexuality, and straight men blatantly ignore me at social functions. Their wives talk to me constantly wanting me to move back to the area so I can redo their houses, and I’ve had sex with a handful of their husbands many years ago.
    Where am I going here not really sure but I truly get lonely a lot more than ever because I don’t feel like I fit anywhere due to not being the stereo typical gay guy. Not a masculine truck driver (attracted to them) but nor am I a drag queen etc by any stretch of the imagination. Any ideas? Thanks for your help

    1. You must to make the first step into a tribe, then you can become one of them. That is what we did when we explored the gay world. I left the gay community of my town after realising it didn’t add anything but frustration and disappointment after having much fun, it was just hard to keep up. Maybe you aren’t masculine as a driver truck cos you aren’t a driver truck, if you were one you’d be like them, just an example.

      I immersed into the straight men world through my new job and all I can say is that It really surprised me. At beginning it bothered me not being brave enough to tell them the truth before they would ask my opinion about a woman or make jokes about someone behaving as a faggot, such never offends me but just because they could feel like a fool. But eventually one of them asked me directly and was very open to hear and understand my personal life. Throughout the time we shared things about life and we all discovered so many similarities, same traumas, same difficulties, same goals, same conflicts, same mistakes. I found out I had always been one of them, but I didn’t believe I would.
      They never told me I shouldn’t be homosexual nor tried to convert me. They don’t really bother if a man is feminine, everybody is free. Any kind of expression should exist without extinguish masculinity. Being straight doesn’t mean being masculine, many straight men are on that journey. Being homo doesn’t mean being banned, but many gays don’t identify themselves with it or want to prove they can live without it.
      Man/masculinity is an endangered species, it can get extinct.

        1. I never liked the gay tribe .. sow ´em for 2-3 years than got fed up .. with their emotional problems !
          I always preferred to see & live with the str8 side of the river
          Moreover the Gay tribe have problems that the st8 have not and vice versa
          In fact i had plenty of st8 people at work some anon encounters for the sex ( it is my life )and led a solo life with myself & family that is a wonderful solution

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