Watch this big hung hooded rugby lad spread his huge muscular legs and enjoy a rather throbbing aneros insertion meditation session with super O’s after ejaculation to celebrate his teams win last Saturday. He had been completely horned. Remember if you are going to try Meditation Masturbation with Aneros, to concentrate on your breathe.

2 thoughts on “Masturbation with Aneros

  1. Fuck yeah! Every man straight and otherwise should have one of these. They are not as big as a dildo and shaped differently to a plastic penis….. I love mine. It doesn’t satisfy the urge to be fucked but it is good wholesome anal play for the whole family! Joke
    Sometimes post orgasm, my arse is so involved that I’ve clamped it in and it takes a patient and pleasurable 5-10 mins to say goodbye……!
    A lot of guys probably look at them and think it’s too small for them………. what can I say, beats having your finger up there and it hits the spot.

    1. Sounds a total delight. The thought of my arse just clamping it in afterwards. Does one need a helping hand from a sympathetic onlooker?

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