Most men masturbate for 5 to 10 minutes before ejaculation. This is disgraceful and tragic! writes marcsknob. If you are a beginner you can learn to be a proficient Bator quite quickly! If men has even a tiny idea of the enthralling, ecstatic, electric, full-body bliss that is their birthright they would become dedicated to Penis Love. IT IS A PARADOX THAT BY SEEMINGLY LOSING YOURSELF AND YOUR WILL YOU REALLY BECOME FREE AND WHOLE! Good news is the Path is a smooth and easy one! Once you become a Hopeless, Lost, Chronic, Addicted, Compulsive, Cock-babbling, Penis-stupid, Masturbating Gooner your Life will be filled with meaning, fulfillment, satisfaction, passion and Love!!!

1) This week Masturbate just one minute longer than your average time every time you beat off. Begin to time and log your Masturbation sessions!

2) This week Masturbate just one more time than how many times you usually do in one week.

3) Next week add two more minutes to each of your Masturbation sessions.

4) Next week add two more Masturbation sessions.

5) Third week Stop wearing underwear! Begin the habit of fondling your Penis through your clothing during the day and evening every time you think about it.

6) Fall asleep with your Balls cupped in one palm and your fingers on your Penis. Learn to sleep this way, and if Penis calls you awake pet and stroke your Cock.

7) Your fourth week practice all the above, adding more and more into your Bate rituals, but also be naked as much as you possibly can and admire your Penis every opportunity you have.

8) Keep adding time and sessions your fifth week and watch at least one-half hour of Male Masturbation Porn every day. Go out of your way to check out and admire other men’s cocks at urinals and the gym.

9) When you feel ready begin to edge a little. Masturbate for a few minutes, then stop for a few minutes, start your bate again, then stop a little while. Bate then watch some porn, then Bate more, then watch more, the Bate more. Slowly build up your time with no ejaculations.

10) It is time to add Cock Chanting to your Masturbation sessions along with all the exercises above! Begin with something simple you repeat softly out loud to your Penis. “Penis, Penis, Penis, Masturbate, Masturbate, Masturbate, Masturbate Penis, Masturbate Penis, Masturbate Penis. Penis, Penis, Penis!” may be a good start.

11) It is time to start substituting Masturbation for other things in your life. Perhaps cancel a few social engagements, or call into work sick, or allow yourself to be late, or don’t do chores for a few days, or skip lunch, or stay up late… anything and everything you can do to let go of the mundane world and focus in on Penis Love through your Masturbations. Masturbate More, Edge More.

12) At this twelfth lesson you should be feeling one with Penis, realize you Love your Penis, become awakened to the Bliss and Joy and Rewards Penis can offer you. You will begin the know that the PENIS IS YOU, and you do not own Penis, he owns you.

This is the basic work of the Path to Penis Masturbation, it will take you a long way, but there will always be much more work to be done. You will be led by Penis to find other Brothers in Bate who can share, teach, and encourage you on your Journey to Cock Realization and Bliss. Allow your Brothers to help and support you in your Masturbatory growth.


14 thoughts on “A Proficient Bator? 

  1. I am going to live by this guidance for the rest of the year, starting right now. Thank you for sharing!

  2. 1st cum
    Only after maybe 3-4min, quicker if I play with my right nipple. That sweet release, just dumping cum. No fuss, nothing epic. Cock goes soft in less than a minute after. First load is always very thick and a bit chunky.

    2nd cum
    The pelvic musculature is nice and warmed up. I feel that sweet warm feeling of orgasmic residual energy… and that makes me want more. I get hard again. It’s difficult to achieve, but as I concentrate on that feeling, here I cum again. More intense this time and I let out a loud moan. Cock is red from all the stroking.

    3rd cum
    I’m now in the full swing of it, and my cock maintains a sonewhat painful erection. But I’m just getting started. I use cum on my belly as lube for my nipple. Tweaking it, rubbing it, circling it, al what jerking my cock. I feel build ups that are constantly interrupted. I let up for a few seconds and start again. Building a little closer each time. Finally I spew my sacred Seed again. Cum is now completely fluid and milky, lighter in color. I moan loudly and then even louder as I’m taken by surprise at the extra orgasmic pulses I just had when I thought it was over. I no feel my own pulse inside my teeth, and behind my eyeballs. Brain is now bathing in euphoric chemicals.

    4th cum
    I’m drained, my cock is sore. Nipple is getting raw. I still have the same erection from the second cum. Thr tissues are now rock hard, and they hurt. That makes me hornier. I lube up good and insert a toy up my ass. It pushes against the already exhausted cum muscles. I play with my nipple. It’s now rock hard too, almost like a little cock head. I stroke my cock again. It aches a bit, and I whimper. But oh praise Frejr, there is that feeling again behind my taint. All the ache disappears and here I am again on the road to bliss. Now I go on autopilot. My hands just know what to do and I lose track and almost feel like I’ve grown more of them! Stroking myself, rubbing myself, fucking myself. I whimper pathetically. My whimpers grow louder and louder and I exhale a loud moan-mixed sigh as my seed flows again. I felt the orgasm all the way up to my heart. Was intense enough to almost knock me unconscious.

    This is getting sickly. I feel greedy and defiant. My body screams at me to stop, but my ally Frejr has possessed me demands that my seed keeps flowing. Who am I to deny a god?
    I insert something bigger. A massive dildo, and I start to pump it in and out of me. No nipple play this time. Just raw ass pounding. I’m not a person. I’m a fleshy hole that needs to be stretched and pumped by a massive, godlike cock. That seed WILL flow, even if I have to punch it ouf my prostate! Oh fuck me Frejr! Punch the back of my cock until it surrenders to your will!! Oh holy fuck… holy fuck… holy godlike fuck I’m cumming again!!
    One single white drop. A drop of concentrated Creation. Distilled bliss. My eyes are closed and yet I see colors that my physical eyes can’t see. I fall into deep, dreamless sleep, drenched in my own pleasure.

    Thank you Frejr. We must do this again sometime.

    1. Beautiful horny Ben my Frejr, cumming like this is great fun, your blow by blow(all by hand) account makes me want to do this with you……. Ps, I’ve never heard anyone else talk about their nipple play like tiny penises as I do!

  3. I have been a chronic penis masturbator in the past spending hours every day experiencing the deep masculine bliss that flows from worshipping my own beautiful penis. I would love to encourage others down this path, I want to be taught even more, it would be so easy for you to reignite my lust for my penis and help me become a more committed masturbator.

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