When I was very young, I was often multi-orgasmic but only while masturbating, never with another person.I was stimulate myself till the point of ejaculating, then stop…a drop of cum would come out. then I would stimulate myself, and another drop. I could do this for an hour or more and have all these mini-orgasms. Then, I would wait about an hour and then really stimulate myself and then have a very full, incredibly powerful almost overwhelming orgasm. Other times, I would draw my foreskin over the end of my cock and gently stimulate my cock through the foreskin…I could do that for hours it seemed. Then, I would peel the foreskin, really give it a stimulation and then, as the cum was coming out, cover the end of my cock with my foreskin real tight and enjoy the warm, wet feeling on the end of my cock. Never could that any of that with another person…and when I hit about 40, all the multi-orgasmic possibilities stopped entirely. 


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  1. There have been times from the age of 18–55 years when I would com then continue having sex com
    then continue having sex the com called a three break very often no problems, have a hard when on a bus train or in a car was never the opportune times always horny, lack of regular sex does have an effect so wank every day sex when possible unfortunately non due to lockdown

  2. I’ve trained myself to edge for an hour or more and then bring myself to the “edge” and then stop – then flex my cock muscles and shoot out some cum, then pause and go to the “edge” again, flex again and shoot out more. Usually 2-3 times. Harder to control each time. For the final stroking (can’t hold back) I often I fill my hand with cum and use it as wonderful warm lube . Then I go for broke and shoot a major load. My orgasms have gone from being experienced mostly in my genitals , to being an experience where my entire body experiences “pins and needles” which is very pleasurable- while I’m sort of having an out of body sensation. And at the same time I have involuntary muscular spasms (small or large depends on how horny) along with major cum and a very intense orgasm. Sitting still would not be possible. Sometimes I have small orgasms when I flex my cock muscles.

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