I like a guy to own my manhood. I love to be edged, seduced, starting by lightly rubbing my cock through my underwear until I’m hard, then remove my underwear slowly exposing my cock, then rubbing and touching my cock in soft sensual strokes, from tip of my mushroom head cock to base of my shaft and lightly touching my balls and inner thighs. I love letting go and giving the power to my partner as my cock is being worked over and over, faster and faster, then slowly, not allowed to shoot. Until I’m so close to coming, that they stop wait, and resume edging until I can barley hold the wave back. They decide when I can cum, and when I’m ready. It’s mutual, loving and bonding experience.

Kind, Excepting & Loyal

A gentle, but firm hand applying a combination of slow and fast strokes, light and heavy pressure, with just the right amount of lubrication to glide effortlessly without friction. The use of fingertips to full hand wrapped around my manhood to explore the whole area to find the perfect areas of pleasure and release.

Open-Minded, laid back & Funny

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