my magick mushroom

I love a slow massage of my magick mushroom (cock head) with lubricated fingers. I love fingers combing through my pubic hair.. I love my balls sucked and my nipples pinched VERY hard. When I cum I love a man’s fist to grab my shooting cumm and bathe my cock with it. When that doesn’t happen, I love a good ole blow job and then take my cumm back with a big long moment of kissing. Frank Gregg

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One thought on “my magick mushroom

  1. I discovered a new jerk off technique recently. I often edge for 2-3 hours or more – one night (sitting in my computer chair) I had a boner – my foreskin was pulled, and I was slathering my hard dick with lotion. Suddenly my right hand discovered something new. Having pointed my fingers/hand (palm facing up) toward my dick – I slid 2 fingers (next to my thumb) under the crown of the mushroom head – and they fit perfectly. My fingers were sort of “locked” under the crown. While stroking I could even pull upwards (with the 2 fingers)with a fair amount of force, and (even with lotion) they stayed put. It felt weird, but so amazing! Wish I could show how it’s done.

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