My sexual fantasy is me, a guy, and his friend are over his house in his room doing college-work. The guy drops his pencil on my skirt and kinda lifts my skirt up a little while getting his pencil. Then, his friend touches my breast while trying to get a book. Then the friend leaves and the guy climbs on top of me and starts to rub my pussy until my panties are soaked. Then, his friend walks in and jerks off while he watches us. The guy kisses me while slowly taking my panties off. I feel his long, wide, hard dick slowly entering my soft wet pussy whole. He finally notices his friend on the wall and nods for him to come over. The friend lies down and I ride him in the reverse cow girl position until he cums. Then he lays me down and goes fast and hard unil I cum. Then, the guy lays down and puts me on his dick while his friend is preparing to make me take him up my ass. We do this until all three of us cum and both guys take turns licking up my all of juices and sucking on my clit as I scream and moan.


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