perfectly endowed

Dear Seb: Thanks for requesting my opinion by email. Here are my insights based on some 40 years of cruising and bisexual experiences:

Nichiren Buddhism explains that we are all “perfectly endowed”, meaning that we are all born with the perfect anatomy to achieve our mission in Life… the key is to have the wisdom and perseverance to uncover it and develop such potential in this priceless existence… by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, studying the scriptures and sharing such wisdom with the entire world, not begrudging any efforts while at it… For more info, (in 8 international languages) visit Good luck and respect every one in this world as your own, always… it is a universal spiritual mandate of most major religions in the world… so Love Thy neighbour as thyself! [Meaning… if you despise any part of your body, for its size, you´re certainly going against the “love thyself” part of the mandate). Just trust in the Law of the Universe, and learn to make the “best of what you´ve got”, don´t you agree? Bi/ JAVIER LUIS Y PRADO

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