The alpha male has evolved, and it boils down to confidence, treating people well, and knowing the value you bring to the world. The alpha male lifts people up and is responsible. The alpha male is respectable and helps people when they need it. If your character is strong, you are an alpha male. Society and the media puts the alpha male in a box. Don’t believe the hype! Sexuality and religious ideology have no bearing on who you are as a person and what you bring to society and the world.

Alpha gets called ‘gay’ all the time, and it’s so insignificant! He doesn’t care and doesn’t give it attention. His sexuality means absolutely nothing. We all can be alpha males! But it all boils down to integrity and character! Alpha is worried about society and culture. He feels we are off-track and missing the big picture. This question stirred a lot of passion in Alpha because he realizes there are people out there that feel as they can’t be something because of something so insignificant as sexuality. Remember, you’re awesome!

Aaron Marino

6 thoughts on “ Can A Gay Man Be An Alpha Male?

  1. I mean, there’s no such thing? It just refers to a wolf’s parents? The man who coined the term now despises it?

    But you can be an αq male.

  2. Aaron, first, what a beautiful cock you have. God, I want a taste. I am myself bi, but know several gay men who fit the alphamale category. I don’t think it’s a gay or str8 thing at all.

  3. It’s a primal connection. The musk off my pits after a game attracts all the men in the locker room, who worship my Scottish muscles, thick strong legs and a fat uncut cock. Sometimes, I’ll let one of ‘em wash my hair and dry me off.. usually I’ll pop a boner for these “ alphas” to drool over. I’m my extensive research, I have found the more “ alpha” acting, the more desire they have to be totally dominated the essence of a man. His heart:

  4. Way better Seb, and Probably Thee Best thing i’ve read in a long time! Aaron Marino, You Rock!

    Right on Brother(s)

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