not blessed with good looks?

Advertising bombards us with images that reflect an impossibly high standard of physical beauty, the pictures are often improved digitally. We are being hassled into confusing who we are with how we look. Even advertising promoting sexual health are often as guilty as others. This can have a very negative effect as ordinary men will not identify with the image portrayed.

When we are “on the pull” the first thing we are looking out for is “how” someone looks. You might be the best man in the world but if your not blessed with good looks things can be difficult. You might “look” like the world sexiest man, but you could be a complete tosser.

Your body is one of the many things that make you, you. We need to love and accept our entire selves. Our bodies allow us to exist as human beings and all the joys that go with that, having sex, touching, eating, drinking, etc, As we get older we become more aware of our bodies reminding us that we will not be here forever. Getting older makes you listen more to what your body is telling you. You have to look after it better. You develop a kind of spirituality with your body. It becomes your temple. It is your temple. It’s not just about accepting your body it’s also about looking after it. If you have stressed your body you then in turn need to spoil it. We all have our own way of doing that. For example I like to go and have a good Turkish baths. Some like to practise yoga, go to the gym whatever. But you do need to spoil it. It’s an investment in your temple. When you are taking a shower or bath rub your hands over your body with soap and water, caress every part of your body with tenderness and lust. Get in tune with your beautiful body and enjoy it with LOVE without feeling guilt or shame.

Remember if you love your own body that’s something that no-one else can take away from you. Forget all those taboos that have been inflicted upon us, about touching ourselves, playing with ourselves or simply pleasuring our bodies. Give your self permission to love that body, then when you walk in the street you will glow with a very different aura. Walk down any high street tomorrow. Study men and women, you can tell who is and who is not tuned into their body. They have a certain presence about them. You’ll see that it’s not all about physical beauty, that bits easy, you can buy it. What’s alot more important is the complete package and how you present yourself to that big bad world outside. Learn to appreciate people for who they are, not how they look. Not everyone can be as gorgeous as you. Remember you are seeing them through your eyes, through someone else’s eyes they will appear very beautiful. JUST LIKE YOU. Learn to value the person inside. And learn to love you, and your beautiful body.

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  1. Very true. I have never seen someone who is not beautiful in some way. The trick is to learn that about yourself and others find that alluring.

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