Here at The HaPenis Project we want to challenge stereotypical beliefs about the beauty of mature masculinity. Click any photo to begin! Edition 4 feature the gorgeous Gerry from Kerry, see above, and over 50 over 50 men nude. If you would like to be featured in a future edition please add your (full-frontal including face) photo below.

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31 thoughts on “Gerry From Kerry

  1. … love all my Good Buddies here and everywhere on HaPenis – there isn’t any other website to match it ~ in all it does for ALL GAY MEN – young, middle aged, and older! I wish there were something similar in the U.S. – but I live amongst a bunch of prudish men – young and old – and that goes for the whole of the U.S. – but this site enlivens and instructs me with great articles! Thank you!

    1. Canadians are so enjoyable fun loving nice pics I’m 60 you look great… would enjoy seeing more of your pics.!

    2. My god that is one fantastic cock; I would need to open very wide to accommodate that

  2. Hi I would like my pictures to be seen. I want to hear any feedback
    Thanks Norm Canada

    1. Norm, a lot of the men on here have what I would call really big penises. Yours is more to my personal preference. I must be truthful, I do like most penises, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for posting your pictures. Sincerely, a neighbor from Alaska.

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