Men are sacred and beautiful! what a sad shame that we dont get the respect that is due to us. I am a bisexual guy and have always been turned on by the male body, no wonder so many of us love cock, where else is there to go!

Hi  everybody out there, I hope that u all have the LOVE and RESPECT u deserve. We human beings are ALL unique and beautiful in a myriad of different ways. Sanity is a VERY limited concept when u understand that we have so much baggage to grind our way thru. I HAVE  HEAPS ! Peace and love to all of u for now and for wherever we go to when this life is done. Anon

I’m so glad that so many men feel the same way as I do. What’s the big deal? I’ve seen so many men in the course of my life looking at me in that way(by the way I am a very good looking muscular hairy all in the right places guy!) I have learned that it is okay to be gay or bisexual(I am the latter)it’s human nature right!? ron

6 thoughts on “Sacred & Beautiful!

  1. Lived a bi life myself always knowing I was gay. Just enjoy your same gender experiences. Your not doing anything wrong either, explore and enjoy. S

  2. What more can one say? I find the male body alluring, sensual,sexy and erotic. Male full frontal nudity is
    addicting and sexy. Seeing a mans penis either erect or flaccid is equally enjoyable.

    1. Dave u look like u need looking after ,
      I’d gladly appreciate helping u out hook me up austinaok82@ gmail. com

      I’d give u the record breaking time on blow job to start

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