Most of us are aware what an orgasm is, if we are male we might not be so sure about the female orgasm, but when it comes to our own rod of iron we know what gets it up and how to bring it down. Nevertheless, how many of us are aware that an orgasm through the anus is possible and might even be a more pleasurable experience? You might think, despite extensive anal research most gay men know about anal orgasm, however, it seems relatively few actually know its possible if approached properly. Anal penetration as a form of sexual pleasure was around long before sodomy became a taboo. Enjoyed by both men and women anal penetration need not be a painful experience; for women the pleasure is due to the closeness of the vaginal and anal nerve endings, while for men the prostate gland serves as a male g-spot. Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, and with a touch of sardonic humour, decided the best place for the prostate gland was below the bladder and accessible via the anus, thus making male anal penetration a pleasurable experience, which can result, if correctly performed, in an intense orgasm far superior in its emotional release than that produced from penile ejaculation.

An orgasm normally lasts for several seconds, and is the release of sexual tension arising from rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region, which produces intensely pleasurable sensations followed by rapid relaxation (unless of course you’ve dropped a Viagra). “Orgasm is also in part a psychological experience of pleasure and abandon, when the mind is focused solely on the personal experience.” The most notable “physical feature of orgasm is the sensation produced by the simultaneous rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle), along with contractions of the anal sphincter, rectum, perineum and the ejaculatory ducts and muscles around the penis”. The feeling of orgasm in men has been described as beginning with the sensation of deep warmth or pressure followed by sharp, intensely pleasurable contractions involving the pc muscles, anal sphincter, rectum, perineum and genitals. Finally, a warm rush of fluid or a shooting sensation describes the actual process of semen travelling through the urethra. An orgasm and ejaculation are not one in the same event, although they normally occur together, it is possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

The difference between an orgasm resulting from penile stimulation and that produced by prostate stimulation, through the anus, is in the degree of intensity, both physical and emotional. Some men have described the orgasmic feeling produced by prostate stimulation as an emotional high (a “peak experience” being the psychological term), in which they may feel the sensation to cry, scream or laugh. Although some of you might feel these emotions following normal sexual release, the “after-glow” from an anal orgasm is something akin to a feeling of complete satiation, a total awareness of ones being, a cathartic experience unsurpassed in its psychological release. “I have had a couple, they blow me away totally. Someone or something hits the spot up my arse; I don’t have to touch myself at all. Sometimes I get the person to stop what he’s doing or I know I will come and I want to keep it going. A lot more spasmodic than a wank…; shudders from the spine outwards.” The benefits from prostate stimulation are not only to found in the orgasmic release experienced, but the possible improvement to overall prostate health. The maintenance of prostate health is something many men overlook; it is not until middle age that this small walnut shaped gland becomes a cause célèbre. Asides from prostate cancer and Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, Prostatitis, or an inflammation of the prostate due to bacterial infection, is a complaint increasingly acknowledged as a medical condition requiring some form of medical treatment. Estimates put the number of men who will experience Prostatitis during their lives at between 50% and 80%. Symptoms can include a burning sensation when urinating or pain in: the perineum, (the area between rectum and testicles), the testicles, the tip of the penis (not related to urination), or below the waist, in the pubic or bladder area.

Your doctor might suggest using antibiotics to relieve the problems associated with Prostatitis or some suggest relief is possible through repeated masturbation. However, this is likely to cause a dose of NSU (non specific urethritis) which is painful and only produces more discharge than desired. Whereas, prostate massage or prostate drainage, sometimes in conjunction with the use of antibiotics, is a safer and more enjoyable method of treatment than simply popping pills plus its much less strenuous than excessive masturbation. More common than it is today, prostrate massage was a common medical practice which is once again becoming an accepted form of beneficial treatment for this crippling ailment. In fact, there are several web sites dedicated to spreading information about the prostate and its healthy maintenance. Many focus on the medical side of things, whereas some offer a less clinical approach to prostate health, perfect for those wishing to know more about prostate massage and its benefits, but who might not necessarily suffer with any prostate condition. Today we are increasingly aware of personal health, we are constantly reminded that our bodies are but temporary vessels, their continuance, like that of a motor vehicle, dependent upon our treatment of their overall condition. If you hope to avoid the problems associated with the prostate then it might be worth looking inside your vehicle’s trunk and seeing if that often ignored spare wheel is in need of some deflation. It could save you much future pain and discomfort; it might even provide you with a feeling of total sexual gratification.

4 thoughts on “Orgasmic Pleasures

  1. Peoply have dysfunctional sexual problems /attitudes and taste..I respect all
    Being homosexual to me is two MEN totally enjoying each others bodies …fucking and being fucked and everything in between there is nothing “unmanly” about that…my own sexual experiences have been of this nature..I love MEN

  2. WHAT Jon!!!?
    That has to be bullshit.
    Men who take real cocks up their arse (or anything else) are more manly than the lot of you gay men who just won’t or can’t do it. They have an open mind and body, very very manly. As for your cut guys, fragile egos, with your uncut superiority, give us a break, not all foreskinned men are as pompous as your “too big to do anal” bullshit. Keep looking for a wee faggot to take that huge thing of yours, he’ll surprise you that he bloody can!! Too big for what………
    you make me sick with your judgments

  3. Where I come from Dillon was somewhat of a legend and for me personally he was – until recently something of a mythical figure who existed only within the annals (yes, that is spelt correctly) of urban folklore. This site goes a long way to securing his legendary status and offers a fascinating insight into the weird and wonderful world of the inimitable Mr Toyne. Many thanks from my brother and I.

  4. Honestly, when I’m aroused at all, my anus clenches up too tight to be penetrated. And I’m too big to top. I really don’t mind, though; for the longest time, I thought “anal orgasms” were just there for cut guys’ fragile egos. And I find that when straight guys learn you have no desire for anal, they’re more willing to play.

    I will say, though, cross-culturally, anal penetration is stratified, with a man who is penetrated being seen as “unmanly”, hence its association with cross-gender practices and…things more unsettling (prostitution, slavery, torture). Not often as it is in the gay community today.

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