Rock Hudson fat dicks

Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson 1925 – 1985) was an American actor. Hudson is also recognized for dramatic roles in films such as Giant and Magnificent Obsession. In later years, he found success in television, starring in the popular mystery series McMillan & Wife and the soap opera Dynasty. The 6 ft 5in (1.96) tall actor was one of the most popular and well-known movie stars of his time. He completed nearly 70 films and starred in several television productions during a career that spanned over four decades. Almost everyone in the fifties knew that Rock Hudson was gay. He was always seen cruising–the Farmers Market. 

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  1. This pic is NOT Rock Hudson- It is Darryll Powers. He was a vintage nude model in the 1950s. You can easily search for him online and find many pics of him with other models posing. The one pic you posted does look similar to Rock Hudson, but once you look at Darryll’s other pics you will see that your supposed Rock Hudson pic is clearly Darryl.

    1. I don’t care WHO he is…..he has a great body and a beautiful cock! That’s all we want to see anyway… Good to see some hair down there, too.

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