This is the Almighty Gise, DADDY MODELS SUPREME with his magickal big thick dick as he proudly shows off his heavenly arse.

39 thoughts on “The Almighty Gise

  1. Obviously I’m amazed by Gise’s equipment. I appreciate his great sense of humor.Why doesn”t he produce some
    vids ? Yet, THX for sharing his jewels !

    1. That is one beautiful cock Yvon, would so love to slowly suck and stroke a nice hot load of your cum from that beautiful cock of yours…..mmmmmm…

  2. Gise, your super hot with that big, thick, beefy cock. I look at your portfolio of photos and can’t fathom how hot it would be to do a photo shoot with you. Damn your a sexy man.

      1. Wow, seen your photos for a while and never got the right contact. You are a super man. You Argentinian or Spanish? Wanna be in touch with you

        1. I m from USA, Mia, Flo…but I don’t want to have contacts. Thanks u!

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