lots of love and penetration…

Mr Cox, First of all I’d just like to say that I really like your site. Secondly I wonder if you could offer some advice here. I’m a 32 year old male who has never had penetrative sex with either a man or a woman. I’ve often wondered why this is. Without wishing to sound vain I’m not physically unattractive and I’m a pleasant person to be with. Last year I had to leave work because of depression and go into counselling. It took me a while to begin to explore the deeper aspects of my psyche but eventually I managed to start talking about various traumatic events that had happened to me while I was younger. This included being abused by a variety of teachers at different schools and having the shit kicked out of me when I was 17. This led to severe depression, self harming and a non existence social life for about 11 years. I’ve always enjoyed masturbation and I’ve experimented with a vibrator on myself but I have this deep rooted fear about penetration. The odd thing is that I have managed to deal with other aspects of my sexuality more successfully. Earlier this year I started seeing a very good professional dominatrix in London who specialises in adult baby and spanking fetishes. I’ve gained a lot of confidence since seeing her but in penetrative sex terms I would feel more comfortable making my first explorations with another guy. I’m currently weaning myself off anti-depressants at the moment and as these have an effect on my libido I’d like to be off them before I possibly plan a session with you. I’m not really sure what I’d want to do so maybe its something we could discuss.

As I said i enjoy masturbation and using a dildo on myself so I think I’d enjoy being fucked. My mistress has suggested to me that I also explore submitting to another guy so maybe this is something we could talk about as well. I wouldn’t probably feel emotionally ready for that in the first place as I really need to deal with my bodies emotional and physical need to have sex first of all but I like to keep an open mind.

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SeB Cox Replies : Doing things that scare you gives you a magickal energy.  Remember you need to learn to ride before you learn to be ridden. Come to one of my Rose-Buddy Massage Classes. Oh, and in relation to your depression, have a good wank at least three times a day and eat your spunk, as it contains prostaglandin, a hormone specific to semen, and those who eat their own have lower rates of depression than those who don’t. And that’s a scientific fact.  I wish you lots of love and penetration.

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