complete and repeated penile euphoria

A sound bath to a meditative state combined with your slowest ever massages to induce a state of complete and repeated penile euphoria.

I have just returned home with a huge smile on my face! The meeting was amazing. It gave me the opportunity to learn/practice new techniques and meet some amazingly lovely people. I’d like to thank Seb, for organizing the event and for being an awesome host…but most importantly my team mate for the blissful state he brought me during our session

In the days before the event we would ask you to do a random act of kindness as we will be using the energy from that act for our meditation undressing ritual. After the undressing ritual there will be a demonstration on how to give and receive this meditation massage. Then there will be an opportunity to practice, both giving and receiving. You always get to choose who you work with. Let your heart and spirit speak through your hands.

Finding Your HaPenis

Saturday, Jul 7, 2018, 7:00 PM

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Great mixture of spiritual, sensual and learning to slow down and give comforting sensuality! Feeling chilled but with an aura of energy shimmying around me. Thanks very much to my partner, for a lovely, slow, teasingly sensual massage and for everyone creating such a lovely relaxed atmosphere xx

Central London Lingam Massage Euphoria

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