I’ve always had an interest in seeing guys pissing and anything to do with golden showers and water sports. I’ve no idea where this came from, but have experimented and played alone with it many times. A few years ago I happened to meet a man that shared the same passion and remember the first time he pissed his pants while I was holding his cock in his underwear. The feeling of warm piss filling his pants, running over my hand and down the inside of his jogging pants was one of the most glorious and arousing experiences I’ve ever had. Needless to say, I joined in…


Piss Artists, inspired by Banksy, Queens Guard Pissing.

3 thoughts on “Piss Artists

  1. Watching a man piss is very hot and sex. another fluid coming out of a Penis is exciting/ Having a hot guy piss on you is even better. Try it youll like it!!!!

  2. A source of pride in my mid-20s was urinating on the street. Or in the woods, or on a tree in somebody’s backyard. Any place other than the officially designated location for my pee. I viewed it as communing with the earth. Sending back to the ground the fluids that I had absorbed from it. My greatest triumph was pissing in a drain at a New York City subway stop. No one saw me. I wouldn’t dare do that today, however, with all the fascists who have turned New York City into Disneyland (or at least Times Square, where in the 1970s there were 15-minute fuck parlors).


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