As a piss curious bi man I thought the written account was fascinating. I have a question for all Piss curious men, and would love to hear your comments. Does piss play between men always involve a power dynamic? I’m not into S/M B/D, and insults during sex are a turn off for me. Do 2 guys or a group of guys ever have piss play just for fun, where no one is “superior” or “inferior”? Comments welcome, Gentlemen.


10 thoughts on “Pisscurious?

  1. OK all you Piss Men, imagine you’re at a nude men’s sex party or gathering. Think of all your Piss options

    1) Standing in private
    2) Standing with other guys
    3) Pissing on yourself in private
    4) Pissing on yourself while other blokes watch
    5) Getting pissed on in private by a special mate
    6) Getting pissed on by a group of guys while anybody watches

    Any others? Let’s see your comments Manly Piss Men!

    1. Definitely a piss freak here – giving and receiving – so I’d be happy with options 2-6, with 6 being my ideal.

      1. Great comments guys! I’d love to piss with, piss on, and receive piss from all of you! A Piss Party recipe:
        Manly Champagne Piss Punch
        1 part cold champagne
        3 parts fresh piss from naked men filling the punch bowl while being witnessed by all other naked men.

  2. I’m a fan of water sports. I have always loved watching men piss. One of my biggest turn on’s is holding a man’s cock while he is taking a piss. Very sexy!

  3. There is no more beautiful image than a male urinating…
    In the men’s restrooms, I love to see them giving us their “golden shower” or “silver”… Or even getting or giving blowjobs…
    Men’s toilets are a great gift for all those who like, or even love, urine, sperm and see men and their nectars.
    That’s me, André, pissing ..

  4. I’d say yes, I would prefer it to just be fun no power, its hot watching guys piss, specially on ya.

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