old jocks

One day i was at the Arts Centre in Chch, NZ, when i saw this hot guy eying me up. Excited, i walked to get some food, hoping he’d follow. To my disappointment, I couldn’t see him. Needing to go to the toilet, i walked in and there he was! I went into the cubicle and he just stood there, waiting.


I walked out and went to the other more secluded toilets, making sure he followed me. When he came in, he locked the door and ripped my shorts open to expose my bulge and then kissed me. I returned the favour and opened his shorts and as i did this he pulled down my jocks, exposing my medium cock. Thinking it to good to be true, I slid me hands down his undies and pulled out his cock- a good 9 inches and circumcised. He then started to grasp both our cocks and rocked forwards and backwards. I told him he was going to cum and he smiled and started sucking my cock. I came in his mouth and he then sat on the toilet, jerking himself off and shot his load. It was massive! Having both came, he sat down on the toilet and turned me round and massaged my arse with his tongue. I faced him and sat on his knees while he poked my arse. Having never felt a mans arse before, i poked his sweaty rectum. Meanwhile someone had come into the cubicle next to us yet he continued stroking my arse. Reluctant to leave, i asked for his number quietly and found out he was Brazilian. We stood up, pashed and i launched myself on him, so that his cock supported my arse, kissing and hugging each other, my dick pressing against his hot body. We walked out of the toilets together and promised to keep in touch, which we still do SS

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