Hi, I just have a very simple question regarding tickling a prostate. Forgive me I haven’t experienced that at all and I just wanted to know what it is like, What does it feel like?( I need a man to answer this. Thank you.


I wish I knew, Greg ! I’ve never been fortunate enough to have mine tickled but have enjoyed tickling an ex who loved it . That in itself was a huge turn-on. I’ve used toys to stimulate my own and it’s so intense when you hit that P.


Its a very nice feeling and whilst I have never had a partner stimulate my prostate I have done it a lot with a prostate massager. In fact I have developed a technique which does not involve direct stimulation of the prostate. I simply stroke the area above the anus and below the balls and soon precum flows. Its a gentle process and not to be rushed. Just enjoy fully once you get the precum flowing by stroking the area I have described. Its a beautiful journey of discovery, all this stuff to do with sexual enjoyment. In time I want to experience having a partner preferably a man, massage my prostate and give a nice feeling. I believe Seb offers this service in London if you are anywhere near him. Warm regards, joanne xxx

Joanne 2022

9 thoughts on “Tickling A Prostate

  1. Hi,
    I was just given some information b y a doctor who was off duty
    that had lunch with me at his home.
    When you are alone with a friend.
    you put on a glove and use a lotion of some sort which I don’t know the name of.
    He told me this info about 3 weeks ago.
    so, forgive me if I don’t remember what the name of the lotion is. anyhow, I was told at the time of the hand tickling the prostate. you also lightly tickle tickle a thigh.
    He claims that it makes someone shoot more cum. but, I have been told you can cum even more after the fact that you cum.

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