I’m a MWM in mid forties. My sex life with my wife is regular but rather pedestrian. About a year ago I discovered that my self gratification is enhanced with some anal stimulation. I started with fingers and enema tips and eventually progressed to larger objects. I can now easily take butt plugs, normal sized dildos and vibrators. Hence my dilemma. To be frank, I dont find men attractive in that way. I have no desire for a boy friend, a relationship or to anything remotely similar to romance with another man. I will however admit to a curiosity and desire to find out what it feels like to have a real dick up my ass. What does THAT feel like? Can you feel it when they cumm in you? I would love to find out. Not sure what this makes me or says about me but there it is.

I enjoyed reading that, I also could have wrote it. I too am married and when my wife is away, I get out all of my hidden dildos, plugs, vibes etc. Sometimes even a trip to store for a cucumber. She hardly ever goes away, so when she does, I take full advantage. Last time she was away, I fucked myself for seven hours. I was sore the next day, but well worth it. I thought I was the only person that ever did this. Do you know of any website or forum or something like that? I would love to talk to others who are like this… just to see if some of my other things I do is normal well not normal but also done by others? I started watching gay porn etc. I am not gay at all yet I have fantasies of a big cock in my ass


5 thoughts on “Opening The Backdoor

  1. Nah. Not me. I tried fingers and have hunted for dildos and got a prostate orgasm once. Butt it just takes so long and inflames my piles…. Eww. A lot of preparation H needed after. Not my thing. But I have really wanted to use a prostate massager or have an internal prostate massage to milk my cumm dry. It’s a total thing with me wanting it. A good wank buddy of mine whom I’ve only just met has offered me the use of his aneros (Seb’s anal toy) which I will deffs try out, and hopefully with my buddy rubbing a good bit of lube on my rosebud first. I’ve been rimmed by a couple of blokes and that was nice. But as a str8-ish sort of bloke I do enjoy learning new man-sex things. I may even for the first time ever consider being fucked by my wank bud. It’s not really a label thing. Gay, straight whatever. I just haven’t to this point felt I needed cock in my arse. But as for the original question. Yes. Tried it. No, not a major obsession, but I reckon you are TOTALLY normal bro. Totally. I offer my experience to show the breadth of normality that is out there amongst dudes.

  2. I can totally relate to both stories. I do the same things and feel the same way. I want a cock in my ass….cum filling my ass. When the wife is away I pull out the butt plugs, rubber pussy dolls, a rubber cock, a male torso doll to fuck and suck. And I am naked the whole time.

  3. Hello mason, seeing you ask the question, I have to say me too. I have never admitted that before to anyone, evven myself. I am so unhappy

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