I had never before been intimate with any man: in fact, only a select number of women had ever seen me fully unclothed, and yet a visit to an all male naturist  spa in Budapest, where all of us were unclothed, had awakened a deep seated unfulfilled yearning to be accepted by other men. Richard has his first male massage. And in that place accepted was exactly how I felt. Naked, along with everyone else, we all seemed at the same level. Inevitably size comparisons were unavoidable: I observed that whilst many were larger than me, many were smaller, but the key revelation was that it simply didn’t matter. It was the most liberating thing I have ever experienced. I enjoyed being nude in the company of other men, and I was experiencing a desire to have physical contact with men too. On my return to England, I contemplated how I could go about experiencing this and it seemed that male massage would be a potentially safe route to go. Of course there are many in the massage world who offer a service as cover for a paid sexual encounter: this is not what I sought, so careful selection was the key. I selected a masseur called Alex. Yes, he was younger and good looking (and incredibly well hung as it turned out), although I have since learned that such superficial criteria are no indication of massage quality. I booked a long session and took an afternoon off work to ensure I was relaxed and free from time pressure. I can’t describe adequately the feeling of excitement inside from the time I made the appointment to the point at which I hesitantly knocked on Alex’s door.   But a deep breath stilled me as the door was opened by my chosen masseur, toned and topless, clad only in sports shorts. His welcoming smile and soft voice put me instantly at ease. I couldn’t wait to feel him close to me. He took care to seek out my experiences of male massage (none), my sexual preferences (no clear idea at that point) and those parts of my body which might be out of bounds: I didn’t want there to be any limits. After years of striving to give pleasure in the straight sexual world, I was about to be nurtured as a receiver: the transition is not as easy as one would imagine.

I started to undress and as I removed my underwear, I was aware out of the corner of my eye that Alex was removing his shorts: much as I wanted to, I wasn’t comfortable with looking, but again, there was that sense of equalness; we were both naked and vulnerable. And alone in a private place. I laid face down on the massage table, and Alex covered me with a sheet and made his first touch, his big warm hands on my back as he encouraged me to breathe deeply and slowly. He then moved to the end of the table, and slowly pulled the sheet off, a move which tingled and excited my whole body and left me fully exposed. I felt Alex move to the head of the table as he began to massage my back with deeply relaxing strokes, mixed with light finger tip touches which sent shivers of excitement through my body. As he transitioned to the side of the table, I was more aware of his physical proximity. I could feel his cock brushing against my arm as he lent over me, and later as he moved to caress my buttocks, his cock touched against my hand and instinctively I closed my fingers around him and felt him harden, mirroring my own reaction. So many new first time experiences: exposing my naked body in such a vulnerable, no-holds-barred way; having another man seeing and touching my most intimate parts; me feeling another man become aroused from my touch. A new sensation emerged as Alex lowered his face between my legs, his warm breath teasing my hole, and then his tongue in contact sending rippling waves of pleasure through my body. Never in all my years had I appreciated the sheer ecstasy which an exploration of the anus can bring: I didn’t want it to ever stop. But then Alex laid on top of me, a close embrace, skin to skin, his long, thick, hard cock replacing his tongue at the entrance to my body while he kissed my neck and ear lobes making me shiver. We were one with each other. Never had I been penetrated but such was my sense of abandonment, that had he requested to do so, I am sure I would have allowed him to fill me and join our bodies together in that most intimate of acts. Turning over on the table could leave nothing to the imagination as Alex continued to keep me on the edge. I could feel his warm breath and hands on my skin, and my response was to move my own hand to feel his smooth body, reaching between his legs and up to his loose hanging balls and then further to his anus as he opened his legs wider for me. My sexual energy was rising as I continued to experience new sensations as Alex moved to my legs, lifting them high and outward, subjecting them to wonderful, sensual strokes on my thighs, my balls and the tip of my erect member, his tongue again coming into play as he gently traversed from the bottom to the top of my engorged shaft. I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, hold back: I wanted this gorgeous man to bring me to orgasm and I imagined I was back at the Budapest spa surrounded by other naked men looking on, willing me to cum, and as I took Alex’s huge cock in my hand and heard him groan with delight, I moved past the point of no return, waves of ecstasy enveloping me as my warm cum exploded from my cock, shooting further than I had ever managed before, even in my younger days.  And then the silence… Alex lent over me and we kissed and embraced and ran our hands gently over each other for what seemed an eternity before he slowly covered me with a warm blanket. I was at peace. (a true account of my first male massage experience. Richard)

15 thoughts on “Richard’s 1st

  1. Gonna have my first ( gay ?)massage this friday
    I badly need it 4 years of chastity is enought

  2. Ahhh Richard…. Thank you, that was beautiful and I think for your first experience, sounds damned perfect. This is what I wish all men could be open to experiencing, specially in the Budapest man-spa openness, and naturally as in there is no threat or reason to fear it. For this to happen openly rather than one on one in private would be true liberation.
    You have warmed my heart which has led of course to more blood in my penis! Thanks mate.

  3. I have this buddy who can’t get qn erection and when we have sex I am erect and he isn’t, how can I get him aroused. So sex with him be enjoyable. I can climax about 3 to 4 times ,I forgot to say he’s in his 50s and I am afro American coming to my 70s and he very tiny .but I’m very large about 8.5 ,so what can help him to get erect

  4. Great story! I’ve been getting massages from a gay friend for about 8 years. It is total freedom both being without clothes and feeling another man’s hands, and mouth, caressing your body, not wanting it to stop. The attached picture is one he took not too long ago before a massage started.

    1. Love it yeah it’s freedom naked hands on massage two or more naked med together both with a happy ending

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