Scientist Discover the Perfect Penis

A new study from the US on penis size allowed groups of women to select their ideal penis in various relationship contexts. It has been revealed that length and girth of the women’s dream penis falls very near the statistical average. The women involved in the survey were told to pick the penises that appealed most to them for a longterm relationship and for a one night stand. The women generally selected a penis around 6.3″ long and 4.8″ around for dating, and 6.4″ long, 5″ around for a one-nighter. Source

Commenting on the research London based Cockologist, Mr Cox said I can’t believe that people actually get paid to study this cockology. It’s very interesting that women choose a bigger penis for casual sex.  Anyway we are much better here in the UK at doing this kind of research. Researchers at King’s College London recently measured more than 15,000 men’s penises in an effort to find out what is “normal penis size”. They hoped the research would help address “the concern that some men have about their penis size” 

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