I’ve recently engaged in sexual healing myself. For some time I’ve been talking to this man online. 47 years old, married to a woman. A woman who doesn’t love him, lives off of him as a non working housewife. She doesn’t like to clean, she doesn’t like to cook, she doesn’t like to do anything other than sit around all day playing CandyCrush and watch Netflix. When their 2 kids were younger, she never liked to get them from daycare. All these duties befell her husband, alongside working to provide for his family. This hero of a man, let’s call him ”Joe”, was all but spent in body and soul. Exhausted, exploited, unloved, sexually frustrated. And so, we started talking on a gay hookup app, the same way I always meet new men. The stories he tells me comes from the place beyond grief and despair – from the place of disillusion and apathy.

So, long story short, we decided to meet. And talk. I went to his home at the opportune moment when his wife and kids were out of town for the weekend. When I first saw him, I was amazed at how he looked about 15 years younger than his age, or picture. Insanely handsome, without knowing it. Usually it’s the opposite. But there was that sense of sadness and extreme fatigue in his eyes. The kind you see in someone who truly thinks they don’t deserve any better than what they currently have. He tells me more anecdotes from his day-to-day life, and how he doesn’t really know what he is doing with me or why he made an account on a gay hookup app. But we know. Everyone who reads this site, this shrine of Masculinity knows. This man was a broken hero, and I was determined to treat him as such. As he’s talking I drew closer to him. He smiled awkwardly and said he wasn’t sure if this felt right. I said he didn’t have to do a thing, and then I opened his pants. His cock was hard, sweaty and thick. I sucked it several times that night. Over and over until Joe simply couldn’t get hard anymore. I must have swallowed a pint of his seed. He never touched my cock, but I took care of that myself. Spewed several loads while he Joe watched.

That’s the only detail I’m gonna go into. This is not meant to be sex story. This is about helping out a hero. Someone who had felt unappreciated for years and years. When I left Joe (at around 3 in the morning), he was changed. He glowed. His eyes radiated a new lease on life, gratitude, and happiness. It really made my week, and I felt privileged to have aided him in his needs. Before I left we hugged and he said ”Thank you for listening to me whine and… for all the rest. Damn I needed that. I told him softly (inspired by this site) ”You’re a god, Joe. Don’t ever forget that. Thank you for sharing your life and your body with me.” He the held me even tighter. Then I left. We might see each other again at the next opportunity, although it will probably be quite a while. There are so many amazing dudes out there who go through life unappreciated. If you get the chance to heal someone with sex, make sure you take it! My god, it takes so little to restore someone’s hope and belief in themselves. It’s also pleasurable for oneself for sure, but it’s also becomes different when you go into it with the mindset to heal. Suck a men’s cocks, guys. Suck a lot of them.


8 thoughts on “Sexually Healing

  1. I experimented with sucking mens cocks when I was away from home for work for a few years in my late 20’s. It’s been around 15 years since I last explored. Lately I’ve been wanting to find older men who I can secretly meet with and then spend the time sucking their cocks.

    I’m just so nervous about getting caught. I just wish it was easier to find a guy who understands what I want and would be willing to help me.

    1. I know the drill. I am married 55 years to the same woman. We have had a good relationship and 3 beautiful successful children and 1 grandson. I believe my wife likes me, I’m not so sure she loves me. The last time we had sex was November 1999. As usual in all of our sexual encounters, I did all the work. There was nothing for me from her. Most of the time I would have to retreat to the bathroom and masturbate. Since then, I have had many desires and have made many passes to her with no response. I discovered accidentally at a coffee shop a married guy who I started to have intimate relations with. He loved to suck cock and I learned I loved it also. We were fuck buddies for some time until he moved. I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I’ve had a few encounters with guys, and I have to say, men love sex, intimacy, and the skin-to-skin contact. So don’t give up. It’s out there. PAX

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