I am looking to explore male massage and make male/male contact more of a regular part of my life and less intimidating. I’d like slow and intimate exploration.

Any Advice?

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Start by sitting across from one another breathing at the same time looking into each other eye and then from there begin the massage. I’m currently in school to be a massage therapist so this really interested me


I would like to experience a sensual massage the could be erotic and stimulating. I would like this to be done with gentle moves that feel pleasant. I love my penis massage so it would be good to experience some who has skills that I could learn in massaging others. I had tantric once but not like this. I would like the top of my penis massage and experience different massage Techniques around the shaft and Base. I think fingers would be very nice but if any massage tools were used that would be great.


I like my lingam(manhood) massaged for 45 minutes, light accidental brushes across my penis. Tantalising until I’m ready to explode. Then oiled long slow strokes while gently massaging my balls also. I have actually compiled over 20 different tantric strokes for the lingam and dragon pearls from over 2 years experience of Tantra retreats, massage classes, videos and channeling.


My preference would be slow and sensual, although not really analysed it before! only having it done by women before I’m curious as to what it would be like with a man. Even more so giving a massage to another man!


It’s not just about my manhood. It’s about establishing a relationship between the masseur and the receiver. There needs to be an openness to understanding each other and responding generously to needs. If this occurs, then anything can be achieved.

I enjoy connection, being sensual, sexual group energy with a touch of hedonism. The way I would like to be massaged is slow, steady long strokes, synchronizing breath, fully present and playful.


11 thoughts on “Slow & Intimate

  1. I love erotic massages. For me it’s so important to see the masseur naked and having a nice erection. It’s all natural and no need to hide it. He can enjoy the massage too. Of course I’m more than happy to take it further if he is up for it too.

    1. My erotic massage therapist lets me stroke and fondle him as he slowly works my had cock, gently massaging my balls into an explosive orgasm. He cleans me up in the same way he gets me off. He doesn’t cum, but feeling his hard cock and full balls while gets me off is a plus.

    2. Hello Steve, how do you react, if he is not up for taking it further. Would you go back for another massage. Also have you any advice for men who have never booked a massage before. Are you looking for, sex, a massage, or both?

      1. Hello Mr Cox. I always wait for a sign. If I don’t see anything or I don’t feel it then I just leave it and enjoy the massage. I’m not a pushy person so a no it’s a no for me. I would go back of course but I need feel relaxed otherwise I can’t enjoy the massage. I had some of those where I was worried not to touch the masseur by accident or not to have an erection. I didn’t really enjoy that. It’s ok if I’m just looking for a non sensual or non erotic massage but sometimes I like a bit more. Especially if it’s been advertised as one of these massages. Also it’s good to set boundaries before to avoid any misunderstanding.

  2. I too would enjoy a complete and total, erotic experience like that. My erotic massage therapist is an older Asian man who is fantastic. The way he uses his hands to stroke and and manipulate my cock and balls gives me the most explosive orgasms. I would love to do that for another man.

      1. I would simply state, “Complete, relaxing, erotic total body massage. You will enjoy the benefits of the release of tight muscles, a soothing, hands on hot oil massage leaving you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. Offering other forms of erotic massage, inquire for details. ” I would ensure they knew their were other options without being specific. If they inquire, I will then be more specific.

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