Love the look of a flaccid cock or a cock several minutes after having sex ! For me it’s a very natural and alluring look . It’s also completely unpretentious and usual represents a man who is comfortable with his self and very well adjusted to life in general and has no problem dealing with the sometimes tedious chores of life’s day to day events !! Obviously an erect cock is denoted as a probable sexual event is about to occur , which is not really a good look in many situations that could require nudity amongst men !


Size is in the eye of the beholder, and as long as yours works, you have no need to not be proud of it. Each phallus is unique. Not one is identical to another. Know yours in detail, appreciate it, understand what it can do for you, and love it. It is yours. You can keep it to yourself or share it. Explore it, discover what it can do for you as it can provide you with more pleasure than anything else. Know your own phallus and what it can do for you, and you will envy no other. You can appreciate others for what the phallus does for you flaccid or tumescent — regardless of their length or whether cut or not. Never be judgmental about yours nor another’s.


4 thoughts on “Natural & Alluring

  1. Thanks Seb for posting my reflections on this rather delicate issue for so many men, who at some time or another become self-conscious of their own dick size… In the end, it’s all “dust in the wind”, because we can’t take anything physical with us from this existence onto our deathbed…however, the faith we learn to forge by overcoming Life’s obstacles, will carry on through Time,… the rest is all circumstantial … grounded in our accumulated karma, but also being directly influenced by the karma we are constantly activating in this lifetime through our thoughts, words and deeds.So we should watch what we do, say or think, lest we keep on accumulating negative karma, through our inadvertent and/or deliberate negative thoughts, words or deeds… If we strive to do good by others and ourselves always and without hesitation, as much as we knowingly can, we will eventually overturn our negative karma, into the wonderful opportunity to develop untainted happiness and bliss, just like a lotus flower blooms immaculate in the middle of a swamp,,,

    1. I love this Paul, or Javier whoever you are…
      I agree so much, totally. A penis feels what a penis feels, regardless of it’s size. I have long been amazed by huge cocks but equally by guys with small cocks, especially guys with big bodies and a small cock. I admire that there are some willing to be on the internet, filled with huge fuckas…. I love their pride and sexiness.
      What if you score some small minded huge cock and on seeing your normal ranged piece he exclaims… “what’s that, it’s tiny”. How do you feel now? Soft and small. Disgusting no doubt. So why be like that? Just not necessary is it.

  2. Dear Seb: Thanks for requesting my opinion by email. Here are my insights based on some 40 years of cruising and bisexual experiences:
    I agree entirely with Paul and Jarxx´s words above. Cock size is a matter of internal-external anatomical karmic matches: we are each born with the perfect anatomy tailored to our lifemate´s internal-external anatomy… The key is to have the perseverance and the wisdom to find such a mate, in this existence, without putting one´s life at risk in the process (i.e. safer sex practices to avoid unnecessary sexually transmitted infections/diseases), i.e.,- sucking on a hooded cock may not be the tastiest, but it can certainly save you a lot of painful penicillin shots, should you suck in some nasty pathogen (syphillis, gonorrhea, among others), and its accumulated side-effects. I speak from experience, so I believe the trade off is very much worth it. Besides, a hooded boner lasts longer because the slight decrease in sensation provided by the condom, prevents the post-cum discomfort that some of us uncut men feel after cumming. (I´m uncut, and when I cum, my glans gets hyper-sensitive to touch, so using a condom prevents that over-excitation discomfort that can come after cumming with an uncircumcised dick).
    Nichiren Buddhism explains that we are all “perfectly endowed”, meaning that we are all born with the perfect anatomy to achieve our mission in Life… the key is to have the wisdom and perseverance to uncover it and develop such potential in this priceless existence… by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, studying the scriptures and sharing such wisdom with the entire world, not begrudging any efforts while at it… For more info, (in 8 international languages) visit
    Good luck and respect every one in this world as your own, always… it is a universal spiritual mandate of most major religions in the world… so Love Thy neighbour as thyself! [Meaning… if you despise any part of your body, for its size, you´re certainly going against the “love thyself” part of the mandate). Just trust in the Law of the Universe, and learn to make the “best of what you´ve got”, don´t you agree?

  3. Great words: golden hands, an open mind and a receptive body are all what matters in fallus worship.

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