I think only a man can do a brilliant job in massaging another man’s private parts. Here is the way I prefer receiving a massage: starting from the pubic hair area and at the base of the penis, then gently moving to the balls and that tender area between them and the anus. Then, slowly moving up the penis (which will probably be hard at this point) and culminating at stroking the foreskin in an exquisite manner.


I like soft long strokes from base to tip. Circling my head then back to the base, carrying on down to my balls, gentl king coupling my balls. I do like to use a lot of oil during the massage. Not too rough, but quite sensual. I don’t mind taking it slow or of there are a few tricks up your sleeve I’d be more than happy for you to demonstrate. Focus on the tip and the balls. Firm massage of the balls and delicate touches at the tip.


I like to have my manhood touched and held when soft and the foreskin played with and stretched. I like to have it stroked gently and then harder while holding my balls firmly. I then like it pulled harder until I finally ejaculate and afterwards gently massaged until soft.


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  1. I like having my cock massaged by another man but it needs to be a manly grasp. I Love it when he uses both hands and pulls on my cock while the tip of his finger rubs the precum around my slit.. Im also into rim Massage.. im not a bottom in any means other than foreplay. Having 2 men massage my parts is the ultimate seduction.. one on my cock and one french kissing the entrance to my soul.. i am happy to fluff them both for the work they put in and we all Jack our own to a Beautiful white creamy ending. That’s LOVE im my book.

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