God wasn’t angry at Onan for “spilling his semen on the ground,” Onan angered God because his seed was to have produced offspring for gis brother. Story be told correctly. Er, Onan’s brother died, their father told Onan to fulfill his duty to his brother by entering into a levirate marriage with his brother’s widow Tamar to give offspring, but Onan would, (whenever he slept with Tamar), would “pull-out,” instead, leaving his seed on the ground.

(Gen. 38:8 – 10)

If Onan had done what he was told to do, he would have continued his brother’s name and clan rights. So to say “spilling your seed on the ground” is a sin, yeah you maybe right, but it isn’t by the grounds of your argument.

Jay Alan

1 thought on “Spilling His Semen…

  1. Jay Alan – quite correct. Onan was using Tamar for sex but denying her right to bear a child and carry on the family line of Israel. As the wife of the deceased first son Er, Tamar’s son to the younger brother Onan would inherit as the clan chieftain. As Jewish lineage is passed by the mother – a mother has the honour of being part of the line that brings redemption in the form of the Messiah. Being barren is therefore a sign that you are not part of God’s redemptive plan. Tamar, knew her part in history would be lost if her husband’s younger brother did not do his duty. As we know, she took matters into her own hands and tricked her Father-in-law Judah to have sex with her. She posed as a prostitute and slept with Judah who did not spill his seed, leaving her with his symbols of power (his staff, cloak and signet ring) as a pledge that he would come back later with money to pay her. Months later when news broke that Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar, a widow, was pregnant. Judah was furious and ordered her to be executed – but – KaPow…!! Just like Blue Peter, out she pops the symbols of Judah’s Authority as Chief – his staff, cloak and signet ring…. WOW… Judah, realising that he has been tricked knows that the child is his. The son, Perez, then goes on to inherit all the dosh and power as first born Chief of the clan…. Tamar is therefore the direct ancestor of King David and the royal house of David, and therefore Jesus of Nazareth is a direct descendant of Tamar. So Onan definitely missed his big chance. By spilling his seed, he messed with one determined woman, and his line Was extinct. Whether he deserves the title as patron saint of wankers, or just of those who practice coitus interruptus, I’ll leave that for you to decide. I suspect Onan’s sin is that he tried to inherit Judah’s assets as second born… naughty, greedy, not honouring his poor dead older brother, and in defiance of God who clearly had different plans. You cant fight City Hall….!
    And worst of all, he was mean to Tamar – using her vagina, and clearly enjoying it to the point of his own orgasm, but ignoring her orgasm, and the woman inside, stopping Tamar from attaining her true potential as mother of a very important family. The family that produced the messiah. Tamar is Mary’s ancestor. Tamar is the mother of god as the Catholics might say (if they ever thought past the wank, to the actual significance of wanking…. In fact I wonder if the Pope in Rome himself ever thinks of Tamar all dressed up as a hussy Or Onan totally nude and sweaty on those quiet nights in the Vatican all alone in his Papal Jim-jams making Papal crisp sheets and little yellow stains to match the curtains.

    And Seb – once again, I congratulate you on this excellent site. One just never knows what one will find here. And all of it a delight. Thank you brother.

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