Hi, I am Str8 married man. I do have a number of massages hawaiian and tantric, I wish they all went a bit further….But I am nervous. I did have great hawaiian in Sydney, all str8 to end then when I touched his cock by accident he slid the loincloth off as part of the massage (they fall off anyway in hawaiian due to underbody strokes..)He just touched me a bit and as I hardened he did a bit more and slowly worked me up to fully hard and then when my eyes were closed he sucked me and I let it happen I was so at bliss, he played my ass too, it was something I really enjoyed due to unexpectedness and gentleness. I felt bad after and have wondered about similar experiences.


I feel it is a sign of true security and masculinity to accept and treasure such moments as what they are…opportunities to experience a pleasure and intimacy and human connection unlike any other…(it is a simple fact that only someone WITH a penis can really know how to ideally pleasure one). I feel life is far to short to deny oneself any chance to explore and savor EVERY side of one’s sensuality (with proper safety precautions kept in mind for all concerned of course)…As long as everyone ends up feeling real good…no one should ever think back and “feel bad”…


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  1. I REALLY enjoy cock play i get so excited when i see a cock i start cuming sucking is so enjoyable for me an i love to fuck a guys ass was married an never though i would be into such a thing now i cant get enought Happy camper here

  2. Even though I’m a happily married man I adore male bodies and massaged both uncut and cut males. It’s always a pleasure seeing and feeling their intense release in my hand.

  3. Hi I am a virgin and I would let anyone fuck me and I will suck ur big cock and let you fuck my wife

    1. In my experience the “only someone with a penis really knows how to pleasure another” isn’t true at all, and getting to lnow someone as an individual far outweighs the gender of either whenbut comes to learning their sexual response.

  4. Someone out there isn’t going to like what I’m going to say. I believe this to be true, so fire away… I can take it! I don’t think there’s such a qualifier as “straight” nor one we’ve described as “gay”. Our sexuality is on a Bell Curve. If there are men or women that are entirely one or the other, those individuals are extremely rare occupants of the very extreme outside edges of the curve. Almost all of us can enjoy the tactile ministrations to our bodies, including our erogenous zones by any “other”, be that other male or female. If they touch the right spots, hit the right bases, mouth the right appendages, we enjoy the contact, appreciate the attention. This has nothing to do with procreation, has to do with appreciation. Go ahead with your labels, honor the tenets of your faith, restrain your inclinations… and be the poorer for it… RobtheElder

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