straight men like to be fucked

My first fuck still seems surreal to me, i was in search for an anal orgasm through prostate stimulation and had disappointing results with a girlfriend. A much more experienced gay friend was talking to me about it and kissed me, id always suspected i was bi but i never had the courage to ask or tell any one about it.

He took off my shirt and pushed me down on the bed slipped my jeans down a bit and inserted his finger in my anus, after a few mins, he took a condom out of his wallet and asked if i had any KY, which i quickly provided. He teased me by inserting a finger and gently pushing his cock gently against my anus, only going in a cm or so. My legs were off the bed around his back, he told me to relax and he moved from gently teasing as he rammed in the whole lot.His hands were holding mine down as he gasped at me not to touch my cock which was burning with desire. It seemed like barly a min but it lasted almost an hour befor i came when he began to wank me off. after that we had a shower together which he taught me the ancient art of sucking a cock. Best day of my life. (Aaron)

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