I have spend nights just spending some really quality time with my cock. Blown some of my biggest and best loads. One of those nights when you feel like swanking for a couple of hours. Just take my time and get my fucking get my pole wet. Dip it in the jar of albolene, and tease my head a little bit. Yeah, coat my balls down. I’ve got a cockring on that pushes my balls all the way to my cock. Fuck yeah, just get my nut-sack. Yeah, grease my cock. Have you ever spend a night just swanking. I’ve spend some really quality time with my cock. Blown some of my biggest and best loads. Yeah let’s get this cock fucking wet. I love to take my time and get my fucking cock soaking wet with this stuff.

Feel how fucking hard it is… I love his this is like the pre bathing warm out. Just stroking and prepping, Yeah, feel by head, like a little pressure from the palm of my hand. Yeah fucking tease my cock. No rush, just a quite night with me and my cock. Fuck that feel good. I can’t wait to swank  this cock off, I hang out with some buddies of mine in the video chat room, fucking swanking. When I am hardest, I like to take a finger and my thumb at the base of my penis and bring them to the tip to get the first few drops of precum. After that the precum flows nicely. I love to play with my precum. When there is plenty, I rub my urethra very gently. I tense up like I’m gonna cum, but I can’t. I do this over and over and play with the precum. Eventually I just get tired of waiting for the orgasm and adjust my stroke til I cum. But I never go fast like so many guys. I never understand why guys move their hands up and down so fast. I’ve tried it and I have no feeling left. Slow lets me feel everything. I can concentrate on the strong feelings. I can think about my toes curling. I feel the muscles tighten in my groin. I can actually feel the cum starting to move through my body before I have that cross-over feeling. I never go fast like so many guys . I can actually feel the cum starting to move through my body before I have that cross-over feeling.

Sometimes the art of masturbation is like fine wine, You nurture it over time and you will reap the rewards . I wrap my hand around my hard swollen shaft and in slow concentric circles begin to stroke, My other hand gently cups my balls as I slowly massage them. In unison this is the beginning of self pleasure. The never ending rhythmic dance. Man’s cock was made to pleasure and worship. I enjoy being exposed and bringing pleasurable joy to those who view my photographs and videos. I spend hours worshiping my cock from flaccid to rock hard, each brings it’s own level of pleasure. Each man is an artist in their own right bringing themselves to new heights of pleasure and erotic delight. Make love to your cock sensually and erotically and it will reward you in many magical ways. The gift of touch is a powerful feeling. Embrace it, enjoy it

Daddy Dave

23 thoughts on “Quality Cock Time

  1. What a beautiful example of the beauty of the male physique, every thing about him is beautiful, especially his cock. I would like to get on my knees to suck his juicy cock and balls, taking my time to make the blowjob last. I would wank his shaft while tenderly sucking and licking his dickhead until he is fully hard.
    Then I would take his cock to the base and up and down on his beautiful man meat, savoring the deliciousness of his cock, marinating his man meat in my mouth; all the while kneading his asscheeks with my hands. And then the blast of his cock nectar, his MAN juice, his spunk, his sperm, draining his sperm sacks of their deliciousness.

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