The Almighty Phallus

The draw of and attraction to the Almighty Phallus came unto me at an early age. It is godlike in that it seemed a natural occurrence. I was enlightened to what has been […]

The Beautiful Congregation

I am interested in experiencing the beautiful congregation of masculine energy and the warm love of brotherhood bonding; in feeling the freedom of nudity and the holistic and wonderful experiences that come along […]

Porn Worthy?

With care, and with loving touches. stroked gently then switching to a nice tight grip. Rubbing my cockhead with a fingertip swirling my precum around the tip. Touching my manhood from my balls […]

Phallus Brotherhood

‘In an age when it seems almost impossible to turn on the tv or read a newspaper without stumbling across the words ‘toxic masculinity’, it still warms the cockles of my heart – […]