The more and stronger you ejaculate when you are young the less likely you are to have prostate problems when you are old. Take the 30-Day Ejaculation Challenge. Have a good wank 2 ejaculation daily making each ejaculation spectacular. Start each day’s ejaculation celebration sessions standing comfortably with your knees bent slightly outwards. Cup your balls with one hand while you place your other on your belly to feel yourself breathe. The secret is cupping one hand around your balls while putting your other hand on your tummy and feeling yourself breathe. Accepting pleasure, surrendering, and allowing stillness and patience. It’s that simple. Are you ready, here we go…

Finding Your PC Muscle

By simple including breathing and relaxing into your celebration your erotic energy to another level. Learn how to use your breathe, to tune in to what your cock really desires. As you breathe in tighen your PC Muscle and as you breathe out relax. Combining the breathe and relaxation into your PC MUSCLE exercises, is a technique that is called ballooning. If you’re not sure where your PC Muscle is the next time you are going for a piss when you are in a strong flow, stop as quickly as possible. The muscle you are using to do that is the PC Muscle. Alternately stand up with your legs spread gently apart. Try lifting your balls without touching them. Again the muscle your using to do this is your PC Muscle. Imagine your squeezing your anal lips tightly, that’s it the PC Muscle. Spending the first five minutes of your daily celebration doing the following anal flutter sexercises will help you maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, and achieve multi ejaculations that could only be described as uncontrollable, juddering, screaming pleasure re-connecting you to your original sacred sexual self, The great thing about this part of the ritual is you can do it anywhere as you don’t have to be naked.

Play your favourite song for masturbation really loudly. Stand with your legs spread as widely as possible, with your knees slightly bent.  Concentrate on your breathe, make them huge and deep. As you breathe rub your hand together until they are furiously hot. Place your right hand on your perineum and with your left hand on the small of your back so that your middle finger rest into the top of our arse crack. Rub the heat in at both points. Some blokes call this “awakening the kundalini energy. Bend over slightly as if exposing your arse hole to the sun. Contract and relax your PC muscle (the one you use to stop pissing) 81 times. Tighten your arse cheeks and pull your belly button in and out 81 times. Bend over slightly as if exposing your arse hole to the sun.Flutter your arse furiously 81 times from right top left. Tighten your arse cheeks, and contract and relax your anal muscles and pull your belly button in and out at the same time. Repeat 81 times. Flutter your arse furiously 81 times from left to right.


The most important advice I can give to any-one who wants to give the most amazing ejaculation is that the secret is in your intention. Your intention should be to celebrate your beautiful cock and to have an amazing ejaculate. You should breathe deeply throughout the ritual, huge big deep breathe right down into your tummy. Put one hand on your tummy to feel yourself breathe, accept pleasure, surrender, and allow stillness and patience. Now pour a good dollop of massage oil onto your warm cock and balls. Rub your hands together and make sure they are lovely and warm. Begin the ritual by gently massaging your legs as wide apart as is comfortable. Then very slowly bring the fingertips of one hand into your perineum area (between your arsehole and balls). Gently massage the area with deep circular motions, 81 times clockwise, and then 81 times anti-clockwise. Use your other hand to make exactly the same motions on your head (crown). Then very slowly and gradually bring both hands down towards your balls. Cup your fingers under the right testicle with your right hand and the left testicle under your left hand. Apply 81 circular motions with your thumbs on the upper side of the testicles first in one direction (clockwise) then reversed (anti-clockwise). You can then continue applying 81 circular motions with your fingers to the underside of the testicles. Very lightly tap your balls with your three middle fingers. Pay attention to the music you are playing in the background. Tap those lovely balls to the rhythm. Hold the balls from the base with your thumb and index finger and gently pull them forward slightly and hold and relax, you will notice that your pelvic muscles will involuntary pull them back, as this happens to pull them gently forward again. You could repeat this for several minutes. Gradually bring one hand onto your cock and gently hold it. Gently pump it 81 times; the purpose of this is to pump energy into the head of the lingam. Use the tips of your fingers of your other hand to gently massage the area between your eyebrows (third eye). You’re now ready to take your wanking ritual to another level. It’s time for you to relax and be artistic. Everyman’s cock is different, so there is no infinite guide from here. Your purpose is to gently massage every tiny mm of your cock in equal proportions. If you feel you are coming close to ejaculation move back to massaging your perineum area again.

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