The Art of Ejaculation is inspired by Aleister Crowley’s White Stains, he was the last British Artist to cover the subject of ejaculation, and that was in 1898 .

Art Of Ejaculation 01/12/20 : Ultimate Ejaculation bi Lovedreamer / Brother Leo – The Priapic Invocation / Hans 1 / Hans 2 / Corona Extra / Paul B / JAPI HONOO ART-IST / Shaz – ‘Bandana Sequence (final frames) / Just Face It – / Steve – Poet and Singer/Songwriter / JayX Muscle / Bonsoir – Le Non Jazz / Shoot Your Shot Tiger From Paul Tait / Piotr – Tantric Bliss / Jay Jacks / Ejaculation Haiku – John Holder / Ted’s Ejaculation / Inspired by Aleister Crowley / Previous Exhibitions

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