Trees and sacred forest glades were important ingredients in the religious life of the Celts. According to Cæsar, the Druids were a well organized brotherhood, representing many tribes. They gathered once a year in hidden forest glades, performing their secret talks and rituals, and to choose a “high priest”. The Druids were highly respected in Celtic society, as intellectuals, judges, oracles, astronomers and as links to the Gods.


The Gay Druid Brotherhood (In Irish, Na Braithre Aerach Druidh or in Welsh, Brawdoliaeth Derwyddon Hoyw) was founded by Paul Sandford on the Winter Solstice 2002, as an international network for Homosexual and Bisexual men on the Druidic and Keltic inspired pagan paths.


7 thoughts on “Bráithreachas

  1. As I’ve mentioned here before, members of the Brotherhood of Priapic Worship celebrate Summer Solstice each year, at the Temple of Priapus. At midnight on Midsummer’s Eve. the fire is ignited and the members dance naked around the flames, inner circle cockwise and outer circle counter cockwise each man attempting to grab as many as they can. Clearly, the dancing is short lived… The men, still grasping a cock, all seem to pull their catch to the sides of the Temple, falling into a circular jumble of erotic jubilation. Hail Priapus for giving us men such awesome power!

    1. Blessings of Peace and Cock to you and your congregation, Brother Leo. I’ll be thinking of you all and your happy dancing this Solstice.

  2. The creamy cock its size girth and masturbation on the fork is very very exciting
    i love masturbate in the quietness silence of woods always dreaming of a random encounter with a …God ?

  3. Why are “brotherhoods” always for gay and bisexual men. Some of my best buddies are straight. Why shouldn’t they be welcome.

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