Penis frottage or frot: a non-penetrative form of male-to-male sexual activity involving direct penis-to-penis contact. According to Wikipedia, ‘the modern definition of frot emerged in the context of a debate about the status of anal sex within the gay male community’, with some gay men who were at that time against anal sex arguing that frotting would help decrease its popularity thereby resulting in a drop in rates of HIV. Regardless of any political or health issues, for many gay men – including myself – cock-to-cock frottage is not necessarily a substitute for anal sex but should be seen as another deeply sensuous and intensely pleasurable dish on the almost limitless buffet of male-to-male sexual activities, and a demonstration of masculine affection that combines a deep love for masturbation with an appreciation for our fellow men and for their penises. Whether performed standing up or seated, this particular form of ‘outercourse’ is non-hierarchical, negating the need for either participant to declare themselves as top or bottom. Furthermore, it allows both partners to gaze into each other’s eyes and observe each other’s pleasure as they feel their ballsacks and erect members, slick with precum, lube or spit, rubbing together.

My love of frotting has inspired me to create my latest album of digital art where cock meets cock, balls jostle against balls, and two warm holes pucker up and nestle together. I hope you enjoy.”

For more NSFW gay digital art, follow me on Twitter at @wank-for-england

For more NSFW gay digital art, follow me on Twitter at @wank-for-england

11 thoughts on “The Froternity

  1. Totally agree. Lovely feeling when your own hard cock is rubbing slowly against another guys hard cock – and even more sensual when you both start to leak precum. Could do it for hours!!

    1. awesome feeling and so intimate especially when you both spunk your load together

      1. Oh yes, I agree. So hot watching each other covering your hard cocks with your warm cum and continue rubbing your cocks until your both soft. The scent and taste of cum as you lick each other clean 😋

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