Hello Gentlemen, If you are interested in connecting with other men, sharing in their experiences and acquiring new HaPenis massage techniques along the way then we would be delighted to invite you to join us. The “WORLD HaPenis MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021” is strictly men only. Every man is welcome as we see each as a guide from beyond. Indulge yourself in amazing artistic techniques to allow you to experience states of expanded euphoria. Discovered a new world of totally amazing touch. Come and share your wisdom with other men. Learn in a relaxed loving space. All masseurs are welcome from professionals to beginners. We last held the “WORLD LINGAM MASSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2021″ in Manchester in 2016. Four of our masseurs were awarded the Médaille D’or. Special invitation for any of those men to come and pass their Médaille D’or to another, who will hopefully cumm back and pass it to another.


Friday, Dec 31, 2021, 8:21 PM

12 almighty members Attending

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3 thoughts on “The HaPenis Championship 2021

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    Is it possible to just volunteer, lay back on a massage table and let the masseurs perfect their skills?

  2. The United Kingdom has the right idea. So awesome to see someone organize this. Hope this reaches the states soon!

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