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I have never been fucked, a few have tried but I find it just too painful, I fantasize about it but can never go all the way, not interested enough though to go through all the preparation, stretching, gradual stuff etc. I love fucking men and women, though have only ever had the joy of doing it once with both at the same time…

This is the best web site about how I feel that I ever saw, right down to the rugby, (I used to play)… a question though.. I love big butch hairy men, are there any of those out there who are into slim, smooth men, like me? I’ve been with the type of man I love but usually I felt it was just circumstantial rather than any great desire on their part, I live in Dublin by the way, .. Large gay scene but very marginalised. anyway, boring message no sex in it, sorry. Some cumm tastes better than others. Booster

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  1. I love to be fucked. I always have. My first was my college landlord. The idea that an adult male finds me so desirable that he gets aroused thinking about how good it will feel to slide his erect penis into my hole and thrust in and out until he ejaculates, well, is so damn affirming of my own masculinity. We are two men being as intimate as two men can be. Both vulnerable, both desiring each other, animalistic, yet caring… It is the most spiritual, physical, emotional connection men can have. And it feels good, too.

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