The Sacred Masculine

Masculinity has a core of clarity, which does not act

from anger or greed or

sensuality, and a husk, which does.


The virile center

that listens within takes

pleasure in obeying that truth.


Nobility of spirit,

the true spontaneous energy

of your life, comes as you abandon other motives and move

only when you feel the majesty

that commands and is the delight of the self.

Jelaluddin Rumi – The Husk and Core of Masculinity (1207-1273)

3 thoughts on “The Sacred Masculine

  1. Masculine side of cock is shown as how hard your cock can become as a centre to male masulinity of perfection , all of those wanting masculinity shown in nateral state as most erotic way to ejaculate through male cock imagery without stimulation but through meditation prayer and eye contact with cock on ejacuation , Wow

  2. Wow, man! R e s p e c t! Just happened to watch this, never heard of you, but this was amazing to watch. What a teacher! Wish I had those learnings long ago. Impressive!

  3. Please contact me , in confidence, if we might work together to explore the Sacred Masculine further.

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