Well coming to that issue, I am cut since my birth! I am already 24 years old and because of my envy to the uncut penis I chose homosexuality

It is a great pleasure to touch and smell the foreskin. And because of some idiot asshole has obsessions about that I was cut without my permission. Circumcision is the rite of Jews and Muslims anyhow. As Christians we shouldn’t have to follow them without any medical reason that makes circumcision the only solution. My father explained me at the age of 13 that I was cut, while it would be easier for me to keep my penis clean and so on. But I guess because of my early childhood reactions they didn’t circumcise my brother. He is living happily and he doesn’t stink at all. With only pulling down the foreskin when you are peeing and 2 seconds shower cleaning you can be cleaner than a fucking circumcised man!

I consider circumcision as an illegal issue and really against ones rights. It should be accepted as a worldwide crime in Christian states of the world Brian

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